Green Plates, Greener Rides: The Lowdown On Green Number Plates For Electric Vehicles

Electric Car Charging

456 ViewsTo encourage the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) on Indian roads, the government has introduced distinctive green licence plates. This initiative aims to distinguish electric vehicles from conventional ones, making it easier for authorities to identify and provide special benefits to eco-friendly transportation. Distinctive Green Number Plates Private electric vehicles bear a white number on a green background, while commercial electric vehicles feature yellow numbers. Introducing green plates has advantages for EV owners, including free parking, cost-effective highway tolls, and complimentary admissions. Benefits Of Green Licence Plates The green…

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How To Maintain Health Coverage After A Layoff

Maintain Health

348 ViewsJob loss is daunting, with concerns heightened over losing critical benefits like Group Medical Coverage (GMC). Layoffs in today’s business world amplify worries about sudden financial strain and potential medical expenses. This is especially troubling given the rise of health issues, like heart disease, affecting younger individuals. Amid uncertainties, individuals facing a job loss may need to buy health insurance to ensure continued coverage and financial security for unforeseen medical expenses. Understanding The Impact On Health Insurance Job termination can jeopardise employer-provided Group Medical Coverage (GMC). Consult HR to…

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