What are the Benefits of Home Loan Balance Transfer?

Home Loan Balance Transfer

505 ViewsTransferring the balance of your home loan is also called refinancing. In this method, the outstanding amount of your existing home loan is transferred to a new loan account. If the outstanding amount is substantial but you are having difficulty repaying it due to reasons like high interest rates, limited repayment options and short tenure. If you are not satisfied with the services of the current lender, you can choose a new lender for the balance transfer. This facility is available for not just home loans but also loans…

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Cuisinart Food Processor Helped Me Break Up With Simple Carbs

I had to cut back on my simple carbohydrates. I realized that this was not going to be an easy task to accomplish and I was going to have to ease my way into it.

430 ViewsI used to be a diehard carb lover. I ate a ton of bread, bagels for breakfast, always some variation of potatoes with dinner, or I’d whip up some sort of rice. I just loved it all. I would always wonder why I was feeling sluggish most days. I figured I wasn’t drinking enough water, or maybe I was sitting too much throughout the day. I’m sure those were all contributing factors, but after reading an article in a popular magazine regarding the health and fitness of women, I…

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Is Risk Involved On ULIP Investment as Equity Shares?

ULIP Investment as Equity Shares

741 ViewsWhile risks are a part of investing in capital markets, there are several investment tools like a Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) that enable you to control your risks effectively. Let’s first understand ULIP in detail. What is a Unit Linked Insurance Plan? A ULIP Plan, which is popularly known as a Unit Linked Insurance Plan, is a type of hybrid life insurance plan. A ULIP plan is a combination of a life insurance policy plus an avenue for investments. AsULIP investment plan offers dual benefits, it has become…

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Moving? Here Are Four Tips to Reduce Your Moving Expenses

Moving Expenses

414 ViewsMoving can be an exciting time filled with new opportunities and challenges. However, if you do not prepare ahead, it can also be a stressful experience that results in colossal moving expenses. Fortunately, you can take some simple steps to reduce the money you spend when you move and make the whole process go more smoothly. Let’s look at four ways to spend less when moving and save money so you can put it towards something else down the road! 1. Hire a Professional Moving Company Hiring professional movers…

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How to Get the Best Way to Begin Investing in the Stock Market in India

demat account online opening.

498 ViewsYou may be eager to make your first investment in the stock market. However, you may be stuck as you lack knowledge of certain primary steps to getting started. You’ve come to the proper place as we will find out the Best Way to Begin Investing in the Indian Stock Market. It may be surprising for you to hear that a 1 lakh investment in an index fund, 25 years  ago, might be well worth almost Rs. 12 million today. When executed well, stock market investment is one of…

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Top Artificial Intelligence Companies In Dubai

Intelligence Companies

657 ViewsArtificial intelligence has the power to make everyday tasks easier and more efficient. It can also help companies uncover new insights, optimize processes, and increase their productivity. Luckily, the AI industry has grown rapidly in the past few years, and it’s only going to continue growing in the future. The majority of that growth can be seen in the city of Dubai, which has become a hub for AI businesses. Moreover, the city is already home to more than a dozen top AI companies. Here’s everything you need to…

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