How to Improve Perishable Food Inventory Management?

Inventory Management

48 ViewsAny retail organization must effectively manage its inventory replenishment, but the grocery retail sector faces special challenges due to the short shelf lives and frequent turnover of its products. Inadequate processes can result in incorrect perishable item counts, which can have a negative effect on sales and customer satisfaction. If you rely on manual reports, your management system will be more prone to errors, not to mention the increased labor expenses that follow from inefficiencies. On the other side, efficient management of the perishable food inventory replenishmentcan lower expenses,…

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The Power of Branding: How DS Group Conglomerate Creates and Partners with Iconic Brands

Power of Branding

65 ViewsDS Group, an Indian conglomerate with diverse business interests, has exemplified the power of branding through its creation and partnerships with iconic brands. From beverages to spices and dairy products to confectionery, DS Group India is known for consistently delivering quality products and building strong brand equity. Let’s explore how the group has become a force to reckon with in the FMCG industry with the most-loved products, and how it is partnering with iconic brands. Building Iconic Brands 1. Rajnigandha DS Group conglomerate’s journey towards building iconic brands began…

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