The Power of Branding: How DS Group Conglomerate Creates and Partners with Iconic Brands

Power of Branding


DS Group, an Indian conglomerate with diverse business interests, has exemplified the power of branding through its creation and partnerships with iconic brands. From beverages to spices and dairy products to confectionery, DS Group India is known for consistently delivering quality products and building strong brand equity. Let’s explore how the group has become a force to reckon with in the FMCG industry with the most-loved products, and how it is partnering with iconic brands.

Building Iconic Brands

1. Rajnigandha

DS Group conglomerate’s journey towards building iconic brands began with its flagship brand, Rajnigandha. Recognizing the potential of the paan masala category, the organization invested in creating a premium product that would set new benchmarks for quality and taste. Through relentless marketing efforts and product innovation, Rajnigandha became synonymous with the category and today, it is the world’s largest-selling premium paan masala.

2. Pass Pass

DS Group expanded its product portfolio by introducing Pass Pass, that quickly became India’s go-to mouth freshener. Pass Pass, since its inception, has been dedicated to fostering the joy of togetherness among consumers. This brand has successfully created a strong association with togetherness by offering a delightful assortment of ingredients and flavours that harmoniously combine. The mouth freshener has become renowned as India’s preferred after-mint, earning a significant level of trust and loyalty from consumers.

3. Catch

DS Group’s foray into the spices and seasonings segment resulted in the creation of the Catch brand. Catch established itself as a trusted name by providing high-quality, flavourful masalas, spices, and blends that appealed to the taste buds of consumers. The brand’s commitment to innovation and its ability to cater to diverse culinary preferences solidified its position in the market.

4. Pulse

Pulse made a significant impact in the market with its distinct homemade flavour. The hard-boiled candy, infused with the tanginess of kaccha aam (raw mango), became an instant favourite among individuals of all age groups. Its unique taste, coupled with word of mouth and the extensive distribution network of DS Group propelled Pulse to become a remarkable success story.

DS Group’s Brilliance in Partnerships

In addition to creating its own brands, DS Group has also demonstrated brilliance in forming strategic partnerships with renowned brands. One such example is its collaboration withthe luxury Swiss chocolate brand,Läderach.

In a strategic move to expand its presence in the confectionery segment, DS Group has forged a partnership that not only strengthens its position but also marks its foray into the chocolate industry, the largest within confectionery. Läderach, a renowned brand established in 1962, offers an exquisite indulgence in gourmet chocolates.Läderach creates intricately crafted artisanal treats that embody the passion and craftsmanship of expert chocolatiers. Each piece is a testament to taste, meticulously crafted using the finest handpicked ingredients.

Recently, DS Group acquired The Good Stuff Pvt Ltd (formerly known as Global CP Pvt Ltd), the esteemed brand owner of LuvIt Chocolate and confectionery. Previously under the ownership of Goldman Sachs and Mitsui Ventures, this acquisition marks a strategic maneuver by DS Group to bolster and expand its confectionery portfolio. The Good Stuff Pvt Ltd, established in 2014, embarked on a mission to revolutionize the consumer experience by introducing innovative and distinct products. With a turnover exceeding Rs. 100 crores in the fiscal year 2021-2022, the company achieved an impressive milestone, with its LuvIt brand contributing nearly 90% to its revenue.

In conclusion, the DS Group conglomerate stands as a testament to the power of branding. Through its creation of iconic brands and partnerships, the group has established a formidable presence in India and even internationally. By prioritizing quality, innovation, and effective marketing, the firm has successfully crafted brands that resonate with consumers and stand the test of time.

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