5 Types Of Medical Malpractice You Must Be Aware Of

5 Types Of Medical Malpractice You Must Be Aware Of


Medical malpractice indicates a situation when a hospital, doctor, nurse or any other healthcare professionals are responsible for the death or ill-treatment of any patient directly or indirectly. The law does not accept this type of negligence, and health professionals need to pay to the patient or to the family member of the patient for the damage.

Every year thousands of people throughout the world become the victim of medical injuries. In recent years the term ‘medical malpractice’ is getting more widespread. As more people understand the carelessness of the pharmaceutical sector, they are talking about it more openly than ever before.

Therefore, healthcare professionals should be held accountable for their mistakes. That is why people are now consulting with medical injury law firm near Bronx to deal with the medical malpractice.

Here we are discussing some prevalent case of medical negligence so that you can understand the scenario clearly:

1.Delayed Diagnosis

This is a prominent instance of non-surgical malpractice. Timely detection of the patient’s problem is the duty of the doctors as it is the first and foremost step of the treatment. Delaying the diagnosis can bring dire consequences to the patients who are suffering from infections or viral disease. A person may encounter a delay in the diagnosis if he or she is forced to sit in the emergency ward instead of getting immediate health attention by the medical professionals.


The doctor or the other medical professional determine the patient has a particular condition while on the reality he or she has an entirely different problem. The doctor’s wrong diagnosis can affect a patient’s health severely.

It can also lead to some surgery to the patient which was not even necessary at all. As the real problem stays untreated the health condition of the patient deteriorates gradually, that can lead to fatal injury or even cause death.

3.The Improper Dose of Medication

Another typical case of malpractice is prescribing wrong medicine or incorrect dosage to the patient. A healthcare professional, say it nurse or pharmacist can fill a prescription with the wrong medication. Often doctor casually prescribes medicine without even checking the medical history of the patient. As a result, people often face drug mixing.

4.Surgical Errors

There could be various types of surgical mistakes such as unnecessary surgery, performing the incorrect procedure, organ or nerve damage, using surgical instruments which are not sterile, leaving medical equipment inside the patient’s body and so on. Surgical errors can cast a significant effect on the patient’s life.

5.Fail to Treat Patients Properly

Sometimes doctors make the right diagnosis, but they fail to treat the patient properly. This could happen when doctors are treating many patients at the same time. Often doctors are not very careful when handling the patient. They can release a patient very soon, or they can fail to give them proper care after surgery or even can neglect to refer the patient to a specialist.

Those were some common instances of medical malpractice. If you think that you are not treated well by medical professionals, then you can quickly consult with medical Injury law firm near Bronx or some other places of your convenience and get the justice.

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