A Complete Guide on the Types of Metal Paints

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Have you decided to give your rusty metal lawn chair a new life before the summer of 2022? Painting your old and rusty metals around your house is a great way to add real oomph to your space and make it look refreshing and new. Metal painting is undoubtedly less intimidating than it seems at the first glance. An important factor that will decide how well you paint a metal is the type of metal paints you buy for your DIY painting project.

Clueless about which metal paints you must buy from the countless types of paints available in your local paint stores? Lucky for you, here is a complete guide that will educate you on the different types of metal paints you can purchase in 2022.

Oil-based Metal Paints 

If you are looking for a durable metal paint that will hide the imperfections on your rusty metal décor items, then look no further than oil-based metal paints. They are a perfect choice to paint your lawn chairs, fence, outdoor metal furniture and window frames as they are moisture resistant. An advantage of using this type of metal paint is that they are easy to clean and hence ideal if you want to keep your metal items spotless. However, it is important that you keep in mind that they are highly inflammable, have an unpleasant odour and take longer to dry compared to most of the paints. It can also get expensive to use oil-based metal paints as they tend to fade quickly and require regular touch-ups to maintain their sheen.

Water-based metal paints 

A primary advantage of using water-based metal paints is that they are easy to use and you don’t need to seek professional help to use them. These paints are typically odourless, non-inflammable and they dry quickly. Water-based metal paints are affordable compared to oil-based paints as they don’t chip off quickly and last longer, especially if you are using them for indoor metal furniture. Remember to pair these paints with oil-based paints as if you use a water-based primer then the moisture will seep into the metal and ruin the metal furniture quickly.

Touch-up paints

People who want a metal paint to cover the scratch marks on their metal surfaces can invest in a touch-up paint instead of buying regular metal paints. Touch-up paints come in small bottles or pens and they are portable and convenient to conceal imperfections on your metal surfaces.

Paint pens

If you are painting a metal surface for the first time and are looking for an easy-to-use metal paint, then no look no further than metal paint pens. They are suitable if you want to just cover the imperfections on any metal surface.

What to keep in mind while choosing metal paint? 

  • Make sure that the label behind the paint mentions that it is formulated for metal surfaces.
  • If you are buying oil-based enamel paints, then you will also need to invest in high-quality paintbrushes that won’t shed when you are painting.
  • It is easier to clean water-based paints from paintbrushes as they easily dissolve in water.
  • Water-based paints are easier to apply as they come in spray cans which help you cover a larger surface in less time.
  • Remember to use safety gear if you are painting metal at home.

Choosing a metal paint depends on which kind of metal surface you are intending to paint and how much you are willing to spend.

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