Accepting your body and respecting it is the first step to love you fully:



If we do a survey and ask adult women on the street if they love and respect each other, they would surely say yes, quickly and without hesitation. It seems obvious if we do not love each other … But, the truth is that in real life we often behave exactly the opposite, without respect or love towards ourselves.

Although many men also fall into the same error, it is especially women who fail the most when it comes to respecting and loving each other, starting with our own body.

How to respect, love and accept your body?

If you think you still have work to do to improve the way you appreciate your body, these simple tips may be useful or different trivia for adults questions and answers related to health will also work. .

1. Change your perspective on yourself

Forget that crazy eagerness to be perfect and relax. You will never be perfect for everyone or 100% of people will like it, so worry about being comfortable and happy with yourself. And above all get rid of the shame, please. Your body may not be perfect but it is unique and it is yours, so look at it with love. Take care of it but do it for yourself, not to get the acceptance and affection of others.

2. Forget the mania of comparing yourself

To love your own body is to know that despite its apparent (yes, apparent) defects, it is perfect. Stop looking at the models or the other women with whom you cross the street and compare yourself with them. By doing that you only get to torment yourself, you will always find narrower hips, long legs or a thinner waist than yours. Think about it, do you really need to torture yourself with that? Accepting your body will be a liberation.

3. Worry because your body is healthy and strong, not thin

Although everything is related, it is not exactly the same. Take care of your body to keep it fit, and most likely, by doing so you will lose those kilos that bother you. But don’t confuse the goal. Exercise and eat healthy to strengthen your muscles, your bones, your heart and the rest of your body.

The goal is for your body to be strong and healthy, able to respond to your needs. Do not do frightening exercises or diets just because you want to look thin, that can do you more harm than good. Appearance is the least important. Take care of your body because you love him and want the best for him … he deserves it.

4. Change the way you communicate with your body

Forget that habit of looking in the mirror for imperfections. Stop insulting your hips for being too wide, your legs for having cellulite or varicose veins or your breasts for being too small, too large or for losing their firmness.

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When you do that you disrespect your body and yourself. And don’t talk badly about your body with other people, if you don’t respect it, how can you expect someone else to do it.

5. If there is something you want to improve, do it, but with patience and love

Accepting your body does not mean you don’t want to change anything. Make sure you do it for yourself and not for shame or for seeking the approval of others. If you are the only reason, go ahead. Looking good will make you feel good, but remember to love and respect your body before, during and after, not only if you can “fix” what you dislike.

6. Make a list of the wonderful things your body does for you

An infallible way to love your own body is to recognize all the good things it offers you. Think of those things that your body is capable of doing, walking several kilometers, swimming, running, cycling.

Want to try some trivia?

Remember how many times your body has responded bravely and has withstood all the pressure to which you have subjected it, days without rest, sacrifices, sleepless nights. Have you overcome any serious illness? Your body has remained firm and deserves your respect and your love.

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