Advantages of an Android TV- Why You Need One Today?

Advantages of an Android TV- Why You Need One Today


With increasing technological advances, appliances are becoming intuitive systems that require little prompting to function at optimum speeds. The most recent addition to this is the Android TV.

If you are confused about whether you should buy a Smart TV or an Android TV then you must first understand the difference between the two. Android TVs are more complicated than Smart TVs, and while all android televisions are smart, all smart televisions are not android; the differences are similarities are briefly discussed below.

Advantages of an Android TV

Smart TVs were touted as intuitive systems that worked as per the set parameters; it is connected to the internet, has extensive storage facilities similar to that of a computer for entertainment. The recent trend has now moved to Android television, which is also a Smart TV, but with android capabilities. This means that one can move and do all the things that they like to do with their phones, on the TV. It is possible to stream movies and various other content, using the phone to control and change settings. It is possible to have free, as well as, paid applications.

The main benefit of an Android LED TV is that you will have access to many more applications, as it is connected to the Goggle Play Store, which enables you to use various applications without hindrance, which was not also feasible with Smart TV.

Android TV is easy to navigate once you can understand the way it functions. You can place commands through your phone and watch it get executed on the TV, without moving an inch. It also gives access to other devices and is voice-controlled for easier handling and faster applications.

A Smart TV is a great option for users who are not using android phones and therefore, they do not require the android apps that they can use to control the TV. However, if you do use an android phone then life simply becomes easier with an android TV, as you can access many other apps through the phone on the TV.

With an Android TV box, it is possible to turn a regular TV into an android version, the android box is a budget friendly option to turn your simple smart TV into an Android TV.

Smart TVs are more expensive options when compared to an android television set for the same costs. This is because the android television will be able to do a host of different activities that are reserved forthe smartphone, but now available on the TV set.

Smart television sets are also prone to be hacked, crashing due to system failures and frequent handing due to continuous use. As machines are getting outdates all the time, it is best to choose an option that can be updated in the future without major modifications allowing you to use the same device for much longer with more benefits.

Whichever option you choose it is prudent to note that technology is updating very fast, and the best option during the time of purchase is to research thoroughly to see which is the cheaper option over time. A Sanyo Android LED TV is the latest version and can be updated through system updates.

On the other hand, if you already own a smart TV then it makes little sense to spend again on an Android TV, as there are android boxes, that can be connected to the systems for a smart and intuitive system that is suitable for streaming continuous movies, shows and other internet based activities.

Therefore, if you are looking for voice-controlled options, or wish for a Google assistant, have various applications and content it is ideal to choose an option that you will not need to change immediately, after a year or so due to changing systems and newer technology. Android TV is changing the face of the media and the entertainment industry for better and faster performance throughout.

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