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Driving License


For many people, obtaining a driver’s license marks a significant life milestone.Whether you are a resident or visitor in Dubai, having a valid driving license allows you greater freedom as well as mobility to get around the busy city. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the process involved in obtaining a dubai driving license, from the requirements along with documents needed to the different test stages. By understanding the licensing procedure, you can better prepare yourself to pass all tests as well as legally drive on Dubai’s roads.

Documents Needed

Along with meeting the eligibility requirements, there are certain documents you need to submit with your license application:

  • Passport photo. A recent 35mm x 45mm color passport photo is required.
  • Proof of residence. This can be documents like a tenancy contract, utility bills etc. showing your Dubai address.
  • Valid visa. Your visa must be valid for the entire license application and testing process duration.
  • Previous license. If you already hold a valid international driving license, you need to submit it for license exchange.
  • Medical fitness certificate. The certificate cannot be older than 3 months from the application date.
  • Theory test pass certificate. This e-certificate is valid for 6 months from the date of passing the theory test.

Application Process

Once you have all the required documents ready, you can start the license application process:

  • Visit the RTA website and fill the online application form, uploading the necessary documents.
  • Make the license fee payment online or at an RTA customer happiness center.
  • Take a printed copy of the application receipt to book practical driving lessons.
  • Complete a minimum of 15 practical lessons with an approved RTA driving institute.
  • After lessons, book your practical driving test through the RTA website or app.
  • On the test date, come prepared with your documents and drive as per the examiner’s instructions.
  • If you pass, you will be issued a paper license immediately. The plastic card license is mailed within 15 days.

Driving Tests

There are two main tests you need to clear – a computer-based theory test and an in-vehicle practical driving test.

  • Theory Test: The multiple-choice theory test evaluates your knowledge of UAE traffic rules and signs, vehicle parts, road safety tips etc. You need to score 85% or higher to pass.
  • Practical Test: The one-hour practical test assesses your actual driving skills. An examiner will accompany you in the car and check your maneuvers like parking, lane changing, overtaking etc. You must demonstrate full control and confidence behind the wheel.

It is essential to familiarize yourself with the exam route and have lots of experience driving in Dubai under various driving circumstances before taking the practical test. It might be beneficial to attentively follow the examiner’s as well as other drivers’ directions in order to pass this test on your first try.

Categories of Licenses

Dubai grants permits for many types of vehicles according on your education and examination results:

  • Class A: Motorbikes
  • Class B: Vehicles for passengers
  • Commercial vehicles, Category C
  • Buses, Category D

By accumulating more experience, going through extra training at an RTA institute, and passing the related practical test, you can request to have your license upgraded to a higher category.


Your motorcycle license dubai will be accepted across the United Arab Emirates if you obtain it via the official RTA procedure. If you are well-prepared, which includes practicing a lot, paying attention to traffic laws, and having faith in your skills, you can pass all examinations in one or two tries. You have the freedom as well as flexibility to drive in Dubai according to your needs if you have a valid local license. Never forget that your own safety and the safety of other road users should always come first when driving.

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