Amazing ideas to celebrate your anniversary at home!

Amazing ideas to celebrate your anniversary at home!


No matter how much you spend on a good vacation, an adventurous trip, or an expensive gift as a gift on a special day, what matters the most is the feeling of being together with your loved ones. This goes the same with your anniversary too. It’s upon the couple how they want to spend their most romantic day of the year, by going on a foreign trip or spending a cozy stay at their own home sweet home. As long as the couple understand each other’s priorities and choices, it doesn’t really make much difference in which place they go, but what counts is what special they do together to make every moment count. When you think that you need a quality time to relax, or there is not much of places to go out and spend a lot on your anniversary, then staying back at home can be a lot more fun than you think. The perks of celebrating a special day at home are a lot which includes- you get to spend a lot of time together; it saves money; it lets you explore each other even more, you can get time to do many important and constructive works as well. So, here are a few points that can help you celebrate the day in a perfect way at your own castle of love:

Bake at home together

Nothing is more splendid than celebrating the day of your anniversary with your family and friends, with a homemade cake and cookies. Make every moment spent that daymemorable for you by cooking your favourite food or baking a cake as a token of your love towards each other. Like your never ending love that grows and flourishes through time, every step in the making of this meal will remind you of your journey together.

Try your hands on some crafting

Crafting lets you be artistic and creative. You must be spending your days with computers, or mobile phones. On this day, keep everything aside, and get your hands on some crafting. You can make picture collage decoration, go for a pottery session, get hand moulds, take footprints together, etc.

Candle light dinner on balcony

Decorate your balcony with fairy lights and hanging lights. Arrange the dining table for two of you with candle lights. Order food from outside or prepare it at home and enjoy a quality time on your sweet, decorated balcony. Like this, you can enjoy the romantic moments in a very comfortable and snuggly way.

Barbeque at home

Do you like BBQ? If it’s a winter evening, there’s nothing like a BBQ at home with family and friends. It’s up to you, if you want to call up your close ones, or make a private BBQ for the two of you.

Fairy light decoration with picture collage

Sit together and select all your best pictures you have captured in the past years, hang them all together and decorate with some fairy lights. This will elevate the beauty of your home and give you a wonderful feeling to cherish your memories.

Watch your favourite old movie together

Get a bowl full of popcorn, jump into your cozy bed and watch your favourite old movie that you had watched initially. Choose any movie from the best 100 list or pick the one that you both like the most.

Order gifts and flowers online and surprise each other

Online flower delivery is one of the most amazing ways to celebrate the special days. You can opt for an early morning or midnight flower delivery online to surprise your spouse. Flowers like tulip, orchids, red roses and carnations can be cheerful and romantic gifts for this day. You can order personalised gifts, or cake as well, to make the day a memorable one. No matter which city you are in, gifts and flowers can be delivered online in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and even in remote areas and every other cities as well.

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