CAT Exam: How to Start Preparing for CAT 2023?

CAT Exam


Preparing for CAT is an approach that includes theoretical study, attempting mock papers and regular revisions. There are no such combinations except these three, which can help you with the best preparation.

Candidates preparing for the upcoming CAT Exam must follow these approaches to score well in the exam. CAT Exam is a national-level test conducted by IIMs on a rotational basis. It is one of the most competitive MBA entrance exams in the country. So, preparing a systematic study strategy should be your first priority to complete the syllabus and other important topics of this exam.

Here, we have shared some tips that you can follow to prepare for CAT 2023 in an effective way.

Prepare the Basics First

Candidates must clear their basics first to crack the cutoffs along with the sectional cutoffs. There are three sections in the CAT Exam. It includes – VARC, DILR and QA. So, prepare for these three sections and gain better conceptual clarity with focus, concentration, and discipline.

The first few months of your preparation are very important. You must follow the timetable and give equal importance to all the sections to understand the basics. If you ever struggle with a new idea, develop the habit of writing it down. It will help you to gradually absorb the concept.

Gather Knowledge

CAT is conducted to evaluate candidates’ aptitude and logical skills to become future managers. Hence, gathering information beyond the exam syllabus should be on your priority list. Keep up with other work, such as college, internships, or online courses, until the year is completed, and gradually explore areas that interest you.

Get a general notion of what you want to accomplish in the future, be it in the field of marketing, operations, finance, consulting, etc., as this is the stage of self-reflection.

Refresh your memory of the basic mathematical equations of Class 10 and higher classes. Take everything very slowly because you need to fully understand all the concepts and topics to pass the CAT entrance exam with a good percentile. Be very disciplined, concentrated, and positive-minded, so that you stay composed and can answer the questions accurately on the exam date.

Do a Lot of Practice

You must include revising the chapters and practising previous years’ question papers in the last 3-4 months before the exam date. Make a schedule for completing 2RCs, 20–30 quantitative problems, and 1-2 DILR sets daily.

Work on your weak areas, but never neglect your strengths. This will give you more energy and enable you to solve the questions quickly and accurately.

Attempt Full-Length Mock Tests

Practising the full-length mock tests is very important to increase persistence and build a positive exam temperament. Full-length practice exams will help you develop the necessary endurance, handle stress, and perform at your peak during the entire CAT 2023. Even if one section is not up to the mark, the other two still need to be flawless. Typically, if a section is challenging for you, it will be challenging for everyone.

Additionally, time management should be taken into account from the very beginning of your preparation. You have a 40-minute sectional time limit. Record how long it takes you to answer each question while you study.

Time is significantly reduced when questions are answered quickly using shortcut methods. Remember the shortcut techniques that your mentors teach you, and be sure to write them down and go over them frequently.

To retain the information effectively, CAT entrance exam preparation must be done consistently and repeatedly. You can enrol at BYJU’S and receive preparatory assistance from CAT experts to ensure thorough conceptual clarity and efficient CAT 2023 preparation. We always try to provide updated preparation materials, which include the latest exam syllabus, topics and patterns.

Get accustomed to the CAT Exam and complete your preparation for all the 3 sections so that you can face the challenges on the exam date.

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