Harris Scott Kreichman – Planning Out the Correct Email Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

Planning Out the Correct Email Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business


Email marketing refers to a form of online marketing whereby businesses send commercial messages to potential customers via electronic mail. These could be in the form of announcements, special offers, or newsletters. The businesses’ objective is to spread awareness among customers about their brand products and encourage them to make purchases. Only then can they expect to see a significant increase in sales and profits within a short time. In the process, the costs the businesses incur are only a fraction of the amount they spend using traditional marketing platforms. Moreover, this promotional channel allows businesses to engage their customers at a personal level to boost their loyalty.

Harris Kreichman – What should small businesses consider when devising an email marketing strategy?

Harris Kreichman is an email marketing executive from Florida with a wealth of experience spanning 20 years. Many of his contemporaries and colleagues consider him to be a pioneer in the digital marketing industry. He specializes in areas such as email marketing, customer acquisition, direct marketing strategies, and multi-channel integrated marketing. He is also the recipient of several awards and certifications. These include the Data and Marketing Association (DMA) Certified Marketing Professional, Association of National Advertiser’s Member, and Data and Marketing Association (DMA) Member. He is the founder and managing partner of eTargetMedia -this is one of the fastest-growing email marketing companies working with top customers across different industrial sectors in the USA.

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How to devise a viable email marketing strategy?

He explains email marketing is an ideal promotional channel for small businesses to attract new customers to their brand products. With it, they can easily expand their commercial operations in the market within a short time. However, to achieve this objective, they need to first devise a viable email marketing strategy that suits their specific needs. In doing so, small businesses should consider the following tips:

  1. The email messages they sent to their customers should have a compelling subject line to attract their attention,
  2. The information they are trying to convey to their customers via their messages should be concise and brief,
  3. Businesses should abide by the laws regulating the transmission of emails when devising messages of their customers,
  4. Small businesses should always include ALT tags to their promotional messages so their customers can view relevant images,
  5. The email messages they send to their customers should be compatible with the latest smartphones available in the market.
  6. Small businesses should customize their emails according to their customers’ preferences to ensure better engagement, and
  7. The emails should also contain convenient links through which customers can view the businesses’ social media profiles.

Harris Scott Kreichman sums up by saying email marketing can act as a catalyst in helping small businesses gain a competitive edge. They notice a substantial increase in their sales and profits. This is only possible when the messages they send via this promotional channel attracts the attention of their customers. To achieve this objective, their messages should be concise, have a compelling subject, and include ALT tags. Moreover, the messages also should be compatible with the latest Smartphones, have relevant social media links, and appeal to customers’ preferences. Above all, the email messages should be compliant with relevant laws regulating them.

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