Innovative Gift Ideas like Miniature Models for Urban Folks

Models for Urban Folks


People share gifts and presents to express love, gratitude and other positive emotions. The relevance of gifts changes with the times. The habits and likes of the people depend on the present culture. If you have friends residing in the crowded cities, you should select gifts keeping this fact in mind. Here are some innovative gift ideas for your city dwelling friends. Check them out:

Customised Name Plates

A new home requires a name plate to indicate the names of the residents. You can order customised name plates online in the design of your choice. This will be a useful gift to your friend if they still haven’t placed a name plate for their home.

Fridge Magnets

Some people love to add a personal touch to their kitchen space. They do this by decorating their fridge with attractive fridge magnets. If you have such friends, present them colourful fridge magnets. You can buy customised fridge magnets that include the pictures of your friend.

Miniature Models

If you wish to give something that is memorable and unique, go for miniature models. If you are visiting your friend for his housewarming, gift him a  miniature model  of his house. Presto Gifts allows you to order miniature models to scale. Such a gift will etch the memory of the housewarming event in your friend’s mind. Each time he looks at the gift, he will feel a sense of achievement.

Car Bobble Heads

Most modern houses are overtly decorated with showpieces and gift items. You may simply crowd the house by gifting another showpiece. You may gift  car bobble head  instead. These are ideal for city dweller friends who own a vehicle.

Customised Mugs

Most of us consume hot beverages like tea, coffee or hot chocolate. This is the reason why customised mugs are ideal gifts for city dwellers. You can choose simple photo mugs or choose magic photo mugs too. The magic photo mugs are unique because the picture appears only when the hot liquid is poured into it.

Bar Accessories

Most urban homes include a home bar. People like to enjoy their drinks in the comfort of their homes. You can gift your friends with innovative bar accessories such as customised wine or beer glass. It will be added to their home bar collection.

3D Customised Lamps

LED lamps that change shades are available online. You can customise the lamp to include pictures and photos. These can add colour and beauty to your bedroom. These lamps can also be adjusted to have less luminance when you are sleeping.

Each of the above gift ideas are perfect when you have urban friends who are living the constricted city lifestyle. Explore the range of unique customised gifts on the Presto Gifts website and take your pick.

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