Know more about your regular mattresses—Types and Surfaces

Know more about your regular mattresses—Types and Surfaces


To buy best mattress online is an exciting experience until you realize the different variants and the alternatives that are available in the market. It then becomes a baffling experience!

We have discussed about the different types of mattresses and the different variety of mattress surfaces that are available in the market today. If you can identify your need well, by the end of this article, you will clearly know the mattress you need to buy. 

Different Types of Mattresses 

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are the most commonly used mattresses. The reason for their popularity is that they conform to the body of the sleeper and gives it maximum support. Since multiple layers of form are contained together in this form of mattress, they do not sag easily and are thus durable.

Gel mattress

If you like everything about a memory foam mattress except the fact that they can get very hot, you must check out gel mattresses. In such mattresses, gel is added to the memory foam that helps to dissipate the body heat and keep the mattress cool.

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Pillow top mattress

When a soft and cushiony layer is added to the top of a regular mattress, it is called a pillow top mattress. Such mattresses give a similar feeling as that of a memory foam mattress and help to keep the sleeper’s back in a comfortable alignment.

Innerspring mattress

Innerspring mattresses also known as the coil mattresses use metal springs in their design for internal support. The quality of an inner spring mattress and the comfort offered by them is often judged by the number of coils that are used in their design.

Water bed mattresses

Water is the primary support system in a water bed mattress. Such a mattress has a chamber of water and has a padded surface of forms of fibers on the top. There can be two different types of chambers-free flowing chamber or a limited flow chamber.

Air bed mattresses

Similar to the water bed mattresses, an air bed mattress has an air chamber as its primary support. This air chamber is provided an additional foam or fiber padding at the top. In such mattresses the air chamber is adjusted to adjust the level of firmness.

Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses use Latex foam and are less dense and less hot when compared to a memory foam mattress. These are available in different levels of firmness and softness to meet the varied requirements of customers. You can easily buy king size mattress online India.

Adjustable base mattress

Mattresses with an adjustable base have the advantage of flexibility. They can be altered to give comfort to different parts of the body. For instance, you can elevate your head or your feet depending on the health issues you are encountering.

Different Mattress surfaces

There are broadly four different types of mattress surfaces, these are:

1. Tufted 

A tufted mattress is made using the most traditional method where the different layers of upholstery are held together. The process of tufting makes a mattress plump, fuller and comfortable. Such a mattress can be easily recognized with a design that has symmetrical lines with buttons.

2. Quilted 

A quilted mattress can be recognized with a pattern on its surface. The cover of the mattress is stitched with the filling inside it that gives it a smooth finish and makes it very comfortable.

3. Pillow Top 

Pillow top mattresses have a luxurious feel because of the extra layer of fluffy padding that is sewn to its top. They do not just have a premium feel but also a premium look. You can easily buy a queen size mattress online that has a pillow top.

4. Box Top

When you are looking for an ultra luxurious feel, choose a box top mattress that has a thick and comfortable cushioning sewn to the top.

The Final Word

By now you know every possible type of mattress and the type of mattress surface that is available and these are actually the top two factors you need to consider when you are making this new addition to your bedroom. So go ahead and buy double bed mattress online lowest price.

So you are virtually sorted!

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