Party Earrings For 2020 – Five Types Of Earring To Complement Any Party Look

Party Earrings For 2020 - Five Types Of Earring To Complement Any Party Look


Party season is here! New year parties, weddings, anniversaries and more. Having so many reasons to be dressed-up for, it becomes a task to look your best every single time. Grooming is not just about putting-up a nice dress, it includes a lot of other things like makeup, jewellery, footwear, etc that should complement the dress and make for an attractive ensemble. Some women prefer emphasizing on makeup and some on jewellery, for others it can be shows or something else depending on their fashion trait and likings.

For ladies who like to elevate their style game with jewellery, there are various options in ornaments to choose from. The classic of which is earrings, an elegant pair of earrings always works to make your ensemble sparkle. Not to forget, earrings is a great way to subtly direct the attention to your face that too without being overpowering on rest of the elements of your ensemble. But having so many options in earrings, it become crucial to choose the right one that will complement the whole look. There could be a pair of earrings that looks very attractive but doesn’t go with a particular outfit. If choosing a right pair of earrings is a task for you, do not worry. Follow this guide that reveals 5 types of earrings that won’t fail you irrespective of the outfit and party.

Solitaire earrings – Solitaire is a type of jewellery which comes with a single diamond stone. Such pieces of jewellery are known for its simplicity and elegance. You can opt for the solitaire earrings crafted in gold or platinum as per your preference. The reason solitairediamond earrings designs are so popular is because they are not to dazzling and the intricately crafted designs complements almost all colours and patterns. Lately, solitaire earrings have become a widely preferred gifting piece specially to mark occasions like anniversaries, marriage proposal, 18th birthday, etc.

Pearl studs–As Jackie Kennedy once quoted “Pearls are always appropriate”, the saying proves to be relevant till date. A pair of pearl studs is not very showy but creates a great background to highlight other elements of your ensemble. Pearls have their own personality that speaks for a classic fashion taste and complements both western as well as traditional outfits. If you are someone who doesn’t like to wear too many ornaments a pair of pearl studs is must in your everyday wardrobe.

White rhodium earrings–Rhodium, a metal from platinum family is both attractive and sturdy. The reflective white material carries an attractive appeal whereas the scratchproof quality makes it a perfect choice for everyday use. The white radiating metal earrings look elegant and complement any type of party outfit.

Hoops – Usually trends come and go but some trends stay. Hoop earrings is one such type which never goes out of fashion. Hoop earrings are available in different sizes, colours and even shapes. Although the classic of all shapes is the round one. Select a pair of diamond or pearl studded hoops to elevate your style quotient at the party.

Floral earrings – If you want to cast some attention at your earrings, it is necessary to play with attractive designs. Floral designs make the safest option that will never let you down irrespective of your outfit pattern. The dainty pattern gets even more enticing with the diamond studs embellished in it.

Follow this guide and rock any party looking your best. earrings also match the dresses to important occations, so now which you need most is the dress to make you as the queen or princess, here you could find various dresses for wedding on Ever Pretty, they aims to accompany with you in your every important moment during your life.

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