Peter Max Discusses His Glorious Career As a Pop Artist

Peter Max Discusses His Glorious Career As a Pop Artist


Pop art is regarded to be one of the most interesting styles of art in the world. This vibrant style is especially enjoyed by the youth. Pop art is known to have been born from the streets of New York, just after the peak popularity of Abstract Expressionists. Over the decades numerous artists have made their name in this sphere. Peter Max is among them. Max subsequently evolved over the years from a visionary pop artist of the 1960, and emerged as a master of Neo-Expressionism. He enjoys an especially high level of popularity for creating works that feature a host of vibrant colors. A number of his works are even regarded to be a key element of the contemporary American culture. Various artworks created by Max additionally are considered to be synonymous with the pop art scene of the ’70s and 60s.

The United Kingdom and the United States of America are the two destinations where the pop art movement steps from. It ideally roots from somewhere in the 1950s, but become mainstream after the 1960s. A great number of people hold the belief that the pop art movement started off by as a challenge to diverse types of traditional fine arts that enjoyed a good level of popularity in the society back then, by opting to incorporate designs and imagery from numerous popular and mass culture.

Peter Max basically is one of the most well known pop artists belonging to the United States.  He was born in 1937, and over the decades has emerged as one of the most well-acclaimed pop artists of the country. He was the official artist for multiple games, including the Winter Olympics U.S. team of 2006. In addition to this, over the years he went on to create a plethora of artworks and art pieces on World Cups, U.S. Opens, Woodstock, as well as Super Bowls.

He is a unique artist who refers to mass media as just another canvas for him, and subsequently uses it effectively for the purpose of expressing his creative talents. His major works, however, are in the forms of paintings, collages, drawings, sculptures, etchings (including aquatint), print makings, as well as video and digital imageries. In addition to his rainbow hues, Peter Max is also renowned for making use of diverse types of American symbols and icons in his artwork.  Over the decades he has created paintings of multiple presidents of the United States, and even globally renowned celebrities and athletes. He focuses on objects or people that are widely known to people, and therefore has been influenced majorly by popular culture for his artwork. The colorful and vibrant nature of his artwork is one of the key factors that magnetize others.

While both the life and career of Max has been based in the U.S, not many people know that he was born in Berlin and later lived in Shanghai, China. After living there for a period of time, Peter and his family shifted to Haifa, Israel, and ultimately migrated westward.

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