Signs that Your Pool Filtration System is Acting Up

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Having a pool at home is one of the goals of many families. Kids get to enjoy the cool water during summer, families are able to host pool parties and some BBQ, or simply enjoy a good swim at night. But you have to remember that having a pool also comes with responsibilities. You have to make sure that the pools’ filtration system is always working for the water to be safe and clean to swim on.

If you know how to repair your pools’ systems, it is now easy to pool and spa products online. So if you need to repair or replace some parts of your filtration system, you can now order them online. But before that, here are some of the most obvious signs that the filtration system is acting up:

Dirty Water

One of the most obvious signs that the filtration system is not working is when you notice that the water easily gets dirty. But also, you should also factor in the possibility that it can also be caused by poor sanitation processes or the water is not circulating properly. Do not delay because this can cause more problems in the coming days. It needs to be checked right away and replace any parts that are not working properly.

Weak Pressure

You have the pressure gauge to determine if it is still running normally or not. When the filter is running, the valve should not read “0” and should read as normal. Also, if the pressure is higher than it should be running, it means that the pool filter is dirty or it is not working properly and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Leaking Filter

Another common problem of the filtration system of your pool is filter leak, especially for the clamshell type. For the cartridge type and DE pool filters, if the band is leaking then there’s no other way but to replace the filter itself since it’s no longer fit to run.

Loud Noise

The pool filter system is making loud noises when the motor is not functioning properly. So before it causes more problems, it is best that you have it checked right away. When help is on the way, then you can just let the motor run. If not, it is best to turn it off and just turn it back on once the pool expert arrives, or else it can create more problems with the motor system.

The pool filter system needs to be checked from time to time to ensure that it is running properly. And if it calls for serious repair, then you should call an expert to do it for you. If you have the skills and experience in repairing such, then you can just locate the problem and buy the parts that you need online.

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