The online car repair in Bangalore process – Explained!

The online car repair in Bangalore process - Explained!


My vehicle

To send a successful workshop request for online car repair in Bangalore and then receive a quote, please first enter your vehicle. Here you have the choice between searching with or without a vehicle registration certificate. If you do not know your vehicle data by heart, we recommend that you take the vehicle registration document with you. Now please either enter the KBA key numbers from your vehicle registration document or select your automobile manually from our vehicle database. In the next step, please join the date of the first registration of your vehicle. You will also find this in your vehicle registration document.

My desired workshop performance

Please enter your desired workshop performance under request details. Regardless of whether clutch, brakes, toothed belt, inspection, oil change, wheel bearings, and much more, you can quickly find the service you want using the picture selection. Now name the desired function, choose the quality of the spare parts between brands and original auto spare parts, and indicate your price. The specification of the chassis number or vehicle identification number is not necessary, but it makes the calculation of our workshop operations much more comfortable and more precise.

My desired radius

Regardless of whether you are on the way to work, on vacation, or directly in your area, select the desired catchment area of ​​possible auto repair shops with your PIN code. We recommend selecting the radius as much as possible so that a variety of offers can be generated. This will make you select the best car repair center in Bangalore. This has the advantage that you can achieve the best possible transparency and price comparison for vehicle companies for you. You can choose a maximum radius of 40 kilometers.

My contact details

Finally, please enter your mobile phone number and your email address. You need this to be able to send you your desired offers free of charge and without obligation via SMS and email. Please make sure that you enter the correct email address. You want to point out that your contact details will not be passed on or used and that the email address will not be visible to the car repair shops.

My workshop offers

Immediately after entering your contact details and submitting your workshop request, you will receive the first workshop offers by email. If you only have a little time and can no longer wait for the proposals in front of the PC, then after you have given your mobile number, you will receive your offers free of charge and without obligation on your mobile phone by SMS. In the offer overview, you will find the workshop offers from your region. You will receive more offers over time.

My workshop order

You have decided on a specific offer, think that the price of the auto parts and the hourly rate of the workshop is optimal, then click on “Book”, select your desired date and send your workshop order to the chosen garage. If you have not found your desired price offer, but a service company that appeals to you and the price is not yet optimal, then send a price proposal to this vehicle company.

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