Tips to Use Hashtags the Right Way!

Hashtags the Right Way


Have you ever noticed hashtags in the description of short videos & wondering what’s that? Hashtags are an essential tool in digital marketing to increase the reach of online content. Topics-based hashtags play a major role in accelerating the overall performance of video’s reach in apps. Marketing managers are directed to research specific brand-related hashtags to make videos go viral.

Well, creators use an app for editing videos to make videos attractive. Leveraging hashtag analytics brings on multiple advantages apart from virality. Many creators unnecessarily stuff hashtags in their video descriptions; it’s the wrong approach!

Let’s Simplify Hashtags!

Hashtags are combinations of words, numbers, or even both using the symbol #.A Hashtag helps categorize content based on its context, for instance, photography-basedvideos directed through a hashtag like #naturalphotography.

It looks like a simple hack. However, imagine the number of content generated online every minute. In order to remain in the game of fame & popularity, short video creators should be specific with their hashtags.

Although, the development of hashtags started with Twitter back in 2007. After the success of Twitter hashtags, other platforms like short video apps started using the approach to segregate the content category-wise.

Purpose of Hashtags!

Every creator uses a hashtag for a specific purpose; it has a vital role in content creation. It helps manage the chaotic feed of short videos apps placing categories of videos. Also, users can follow or search for a particular hashtag to get their preferred content type rather than watching irrelevant content.

Hashtags contribute to bringing order in video apps. Once the hashtag is added to the description of videos and it gets posted, it becomes searchable & clickable. The algorithm pushes the creator’s content forward when a user searches for a specific hashtag.

For instance, a content creator posts his iconic dance step video on the app without any hashtag. It hampers the content reach to a large audience. If he adds a relatable hashtag like #dancestep, the algorithm of the video app may push his content when users search for that specific hashtag. So, it’s a helpful hack to gain more popularity & reach using hashtags.

Do Hashtag Research

If, as a creator, you are picking any hashtag randomly and complaining about less reach, the problem is the wrong choice of hashtags. Before using the new hashtag, determine your target audience & be specific with your end goals. The next step is to relate to that hashtag to enhance your engagement.

Establish Relativity

In order to get more engagement & followers, hashtag relativity matters a lot.Check for category type & video’s intent; if it doesn’t match with the added hashtag, users will swipe your content instantly. Soon, the algorithm understands the pattern & stops pushing your content further. Sometimes, creators randomly pick up hashtags from another creator’s profile. It doesn’t work this way, do some research on your own.

Do an Analysis

After placing relevant hashtags, keep monitoring the key metrics, like popularity, to know how many users are searching for hashtags. Track your short video’s reach to get data on how many users are watching your video through the hashtag.

Another point to consider is interactions in terms of likes, shares & comments, and search for engagement rates for the post with hashtags.

Make Your Hashtag!

As a video creator, you grow in short video apps by gaining more followers. After a certain level of engagement, creators can use their own hashtags. Take the example of popular creator hinakhan; she has already crossed the benchmark to get visibility when followers search for #hinakhan. So, by looking at hashtag analytics, a creator can analyze their reach.

Also, followers can easily track their favorite creators’ content, either posted by the official handle of the creator or fan pages. For brands, hashtags help marketers build their branding with company hashtags to create viral campaigns and brand awareness by setting business goals.

Go Slow!

Don’t expect reach &virality in the first go! It takes time to achieve high engagement rates. Also, add a considerable number of hashtags in your videos. Sometimes creators fill up their descriptions with hashtags to get viral. Be slower & specific with using hashtags in your content. It might take some time, but the after result will be satisfying.


To get the resolution & transition, take the help of an app for editing videos to leverage the game of virality. Also, learn to tailor hashtags for short videos to increase engagement & categorize your content into specific types of videos. Be smart with picking the right hashtags that derive actual numbers in your analytics. Research does matter to establish relativity in short videos posted & category of the hashtag.

Creators can quickly learn these hacks of hashtags that work perfectly for short video apps like Hipi. Explore this platform to get entertained with engaging videos of top creators like Hina Khan.

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