Top 10 painting colleges in India

Budhha painting


The objective of artwork is to address not the visible presentation of things, but rather their internal importance. Artwork and abstract painting subject give immense information and it’s difficult to make great individuals see however what you make others see. There are different types of paintings like Landscape painting, Budhha painting, Seven Horses painting, etc. To help you in getting that ocean of information for you, here is the list of the top 10 painting colleges in India 

1 Sir J.J. Institute

Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art was set up in the year 1935. The objective of the foundation is to give facilities to the expert and specialized preparing in Visual Communication. The specialized areas covered are Illustration, Photography, Computer Graphics, Lettering-Typography and the Exhibition Display Design. The course is intended for the enormous number of capable youth, whose wants are better fulfilled via preparing that is both theoretical and practical in character.

2 Workforce of Visual Arts – Banaras Hindu University 

The Faculty of Visual Arts is one of the main foundations in Fine Arts. It offers Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts Courses and examination programs in various specialized areas. It has different types of specialization, viz. Applied Arts, Painting, Plastic Arts, etc.

3 College of Fine Arts, University of Mysore 

College of Fine Arts under the University of Mysore was set up in the year 1965 an academic establishment focusing on performing arts and paintings. This college has a very much inventoried Library with important assortment of around 15,000 Books and Journals. 

4 Division of Fine Arts, Aligarh Muslim University 

Division of Fine Arts was set up in the year 1988 The teaching program in the department is centered around quality outcomes in both the creative and research fields of arts. This college offers Post Graduate and Under Graduate courses for the students.

5 College of Art – University of Delhi 

 College of Art is an institution set up in 1942 for advanced study in Visual Art, creative and applied, prompting the Bachelor of Fine Art Course and Postgraduate course of Master in Fine Art. This College gives a virtual environment of running incidents to acquire creativity in the photos made by the students.

6 Kala Bhavana – Visva Bharati college 

 Kala Bhavana of Visva Bharati is notable as a recognized place for Visual Art practice and research centers in India. The organization offered shape to the way of life explicit innovation started by Rabindranath Tagore. This painting college gives probably the best staff to their students and is positioned as the best college for fine arts in India.

7 Department of Music, University of Delhi

 The department of Music, University of Delhi, was initiated in the year of 1960. Started with only 12 students of Hindustani and Karnatak Music, the department has extended to more than 450 students at its present area at Mall Road. As of now, the Faculty offers M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Sangeet Shiromani and many more Diploma Courses, One Year Certificate Course and short and long term courses.

 8 L S Raheja School of Art, Mumbai 

 L S Raheja College of Art, Mumbai was set up in the year 1953. Visual and Communication Art and Animation with the sole motive of giving freedoms to students who needed to make their careers in the artwork and paintings field.

9 Bharati Kala Mahavidyalaya (College of Fine Arts)

The college was set up in the year 2000. The organization is committed to giving qualitative advanced education in art and its allied fields, to every one of the students to do as such.

10  Division of Fine Arts, Kurukshetra University 

 Kurukshetra University was established in the year 1957, by Dr. Prasad. This college gives 445 professionals to the teaching of fine arts and music under the branch of fine arts.

To interior you house or office Landscape painting, Budhha painting, Seven Horses painting, etc arenecessary for everyone.

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