Want To Stay Safe From COVID-19? Follow These Precautions

Stay Safe From COVID-19


World health organization has declared Covid-19 a pandemic. It has spread to over 130 countries and this number will keep on increasing if people don’t take precautions. If you are worried about your health and want to stay safe from this virus then you will have to follow some precautions that will make you healthy and will also help in preventing such thing from happening to you.

Researchers are recommending that people should help to flatten the curve of this pandemic. Although the authorities can’t do this on their own, so all of us have to play our part in it. The precautions that I am going to mention are recommended by WHO and everyone should follow their authentic instructions.

Another important thing that will help in tackling this issue is your immune system. If you have a weak immune system then chances are that you might have the severe case of this virus. This is why consuming foods that are healthy and contain various nutrients is important. Foods that are rich in immune-boosting nutrients should be in your diet list. Beef bone broth, seafood, leafy and green vegetables, nuts, and fresh fruits are beneficial for your immune system and all of us should be focusing on consuming such foods. So here are some of the precautions that can save you from Covid-19.


Right now the most effective way to spread this virus is by shaking your hands, touching your face, and coughing or sneezing without covering your face. You will never know what you touched and even if that place was contaminated or not. So this is where washing your hands is very important. If you can keep your hands clean then chances are that you won’t spread the virus to another person. This virus can stay on the surface for 4-5 days so it’s better to stay on the safe side and wash your hands whenever you get the chance and avoid touching your face.


Gathering of more than 30 peoples should be avoided. The reason is that you won’t even know the half of them, and looking at the growth of this virus sooner or later you will come across a person suffering from this virus and that person can be someone who is close to you. Most cases won’t even know if they are suffering from this virus. So try to avoid large gatherings.


Boost your immune system by consuming foods that are rich in immune-boosting nutrients. Fruits that are rich in vitamin C, and bone broth that is rich in vitamin D, zinc, and iron. All these nutrients help in improving your overall health. So this is why boosting your immune system is so important for your health. If you are living in a country where chances are that those places might get quarantined or locked down then you can buy bone broth, canned tuna, and nuts to boost your immune system.


Most countries that have faced this issue was due to air travel. People who left Wuhan went to multiple places by meeting multiple peoples. Some countries were quick to take action on it while some are still not worried about this virus. So even if you love traveling, you will get many chances to travel again but as of now, you should avoid any kind of unnecessary travel.


Try not to consume half-cooked meals. If you are consuming meat then don’t forget to clean it properly and then after that you should cook it properly. Although there is no evidence that it can be transmitted through animals but we are not in a situation to take any kind of risk.


The whole world is facing this problem and you can’t really do anything apart from taking necessary precautions. This virus can reach you and even if it does then you have to take responsibility and report it to the authorities so that they can properly test you. All we have to do is flatten the curve of this pandemic. Do your part and avoid going to large gatherings and traveling. This will help in containing the virus.

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