Wholesalers Can Boost Sales Through Exceptional Customer Service

Customer Service


The foundation of the company is its customers. If you succeed, your sales will increase naturally, and if you fail to keep customers satisfied, your company will fail. How to please your consumers is the most pressing issue in a wholesale business.

Retailers are a business, making it challenging to please them, thus wholesale enterprises need extra consideration from their clients. They are business-savvy, and they typically have urgent, large requirements. To handle things, you must act more professionally and simplify things for your clients. It’s important to put yourself in their position. You must still comply with the many demands made by retailers.

To boost sales, you have to fulfill customer’s requirements. This will not only help you in boosting sales but will also help you in retaining customers for a longer period by earning customer loyalty. 

So, let us see how you can make sales easier for everyone

1. Provide customers easiest mode for ordering

Nobody wants to waste their time on the hassle of ordering. Suppose your customers keep calling you every time for ordering and you miss something or you are not available for it. This can cause an inevitable hassle for them. But what if you provide them with an online ordering system? It could be an e-commerce site or a personalized cloud system. If they want a catalog thing, then e-commerce would be the best solution.

Make your e-commerce site and let customers explore your store and the products you have. This way you will always be available for ordering and without missing anything you will be able to organize things.

2. Make everything automated

If you automate everything you do, any customer would receive responses right away; you just need to be available to them, and they will too. Automate email delivery, feedback, notifications, etc. you can automate billing with integration e-commerce quickbook online.  A company that makes use of cutting-edge technologies would draw in any customer. For both parties, automation is one of the greatest solutions. Utilizing tools like OrderCircle is one way to go about it.

Every customer desires to get notifications of monthly sales, or extra discounts. Wholesalers can’t do everything personally, because they have a lot on their plate and that is when technology comes into the picture.

3. Smooth Supply Chain

A smooth supply chain includes the efficient and timely distribution of orders. It is possible only if everything is organized in your business. From sales to inventory, everything should be in a rhythm. Inventory can make things fall into place easily. To maintain inventory you need to employ a dedicated professional or use software like OrderCircle which can help you throughout your business processes. Wholesale inventory and order management can be the toughest job in a business. To make work organized and handle supply chain management you would use technology and what could be better than OrderCircle for wholesalers?

4. Multi-language support

Is it easier for you to speak different dialects or deal with multiple customers globally? No, it is not. Hence, you need some interpreter for it, nothing can be more successful than technology here. Use OrderCircle to deal with it. This software will give you multi-language support while handling your business overseas. It is easy to expand roots globally but if you do, use OrderCircle and everything will fall into place. It also handles global SKUs, payments, customer support, etc.

5. Approachable Customer Support

Readily available customer support is something we all need. In a b2b business or wholesale model, you should be more diligent about your customer’s complaint and try to resolve it as early as possible. Customers can tolerate mistakes but ignoring the complaints can get on their nerves. You must not let that happen and keep things intact. If you provide them with good customer support they will get loyal to you.

It is not possible manually to keep records of every complaint or be available for all complaints and when you can use OrderCircle, they provide a customer support team as your own. They are available all the time and customers can drop their companies anytime.

6. Faster Deliveries

Since doorstep delivery is the norm now, you should give it a try to attract more clients. You can retain, attract or keep customers loyal by giving them relaxation through doorstep delivery. Nobody would want to waste their time traveling to get products. Here, OrderCircle plays a crucial role. With an e-commerce platform, you will get shipping support as well. Whether domestic or international, every order will get delivered.

The Final Word

Keeping your customers happy is the key to good sales. If you are good at pleasing customers nothing stops you from earning exponentially. So, focus on this cornerstone and attend to your customer diligently. Use OrderCircle which is the best inventory management software for wholesale  to organize your work.

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