Why are Blockboards a Preferable Choice for Furniture?

Why are Blockboards a Preferable Choice for Furniture


When it comes to making furniture, most people assume that expensive wood like teak and mahogany is the only way to go. This misconception exists because a few chunk of the population aren’t aware of the many reasons that make engineered wood a great building block for furniture.

With people getting more conscious about the environment, many are turning away from solid wood and embracing engineered wood. For one, it is less expensive and secondly, engineered wood is more eco-friendly. That is why the demand for blockboards has increased in recent times. However, most people want to know whether this engineered wood is the apt choice for making furniture.

Blockboards have been around for thousands of years. It was in ancient Egypt that blockboards were first used to make furniture for the afterlife. This furniture was entombed in the pyramids along with the pharaohs to help them out after they passed on from this world to the next. Today, blockboard is witnessing a resurgence, with more and more people opting for furniture made out of this engineered wood.

What are Blockboards?

This engineered wood is made from strips of softwood and veneers. The strips are sandwiched together to make a base, following which veneers are bonded to it under high pressure pressing technologies to gift the board a smooth and durable finish. Usually, this type of wood is used to make partition walls, wardrobe doors, shelves and paneling.

If you are wondering whether blockboards can be used to make furniture, the answer is a resounding yes. It is best suited for furniture where the length is important and makes a difference to the furniture.

Choosing the Best Blockboard

When you are selecting blockboard to make furniture at home, it is essential that you choose the right brand. Since the boards are made from wood, it should be borer and termite-proof. Such a board will last a lifetime and give your furniture the unmatched strength it deserves.

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One of the leading blockboard brands in India is CenturyPly. This brand has been around for decades and is renowned for its durable products that come with a substantial warranty, which can run anywhere from five years to a lifetime, depending on the type of ply or board you decide to buy. Century Ply blockboard is of superior.

At CenturyPly, the quality control process begins with the selection of raw materials. The wood that is used to make these boards come from sustainable forests from across the world and this makes them environment friendly.

Why Use Blockboards for Furniture?

The smooth textured boards are extremely strong and can endure heavy weights without showing any signs of damage. That is one of the main reasons that these boards are used to make shelves, wall panellings and cabinets. Blockboards do not expand and contract and hence, they do not warp. This makes them highly desirable.

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Blockboards are affordable when compared to solid wood. It is much easier to work with blockboards as they come pre-calibrated and the carpenter can work with them directly and efficiently. This saves time and money. You can make customized doors, partitions, and shelves without spending a lot of time, money or effort.

In Conclusion

Now you know why blockboards are one of the best engineered wood of choice for making furniture. So, if you are looking to give your home a makeover, you can change the doors and shelves without spending a lot of money. Or, you can opt to add a strategically located partition. There are so many unique creations that you can make with blockboards; you are limited only by your imagination. Go ahead and unleash your imagination to create a home that is a reflection of your taste and personality.

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