Why Should You Choose Managed WordPress Hosting for Your Website?

WordPress Hosting for Your Website


Hosting is important for running a website smoothly and efficiently. But you need to choose from shared or VPS or dedicated WordPress hosting plans depending on your resource and security requirements. While choosing a hosting plan for your website you also need to decide whether you need managed or unmanaged plans. Here we talk about what are managed hosting services and their benefits.

What is Managed Hosting?

Most hosting plans are unmanaged meaning that the hosting plan includes resources required to run your website along with a few tools. But the responsibility of managing the website and customising the server accordingly is with you. However, for website owners who are not aware of the technical aspects of running a website or the ones who do not have the time to do so, hosting companies offer managed plans too. Managed hosting plans refer to plans where the hosting company manages your site and server on your behalf. They will take full responsibility for the site’s security, performance, and updates.

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting plans include everything required to run and maintain your WordPress website. Here are some benefits of choosing a managed WordPress hosting plan:

Latest Software-The hosting company will ensure that you are using the latest version of all software. It will also ensure that you use the latest version of WordPress.

Powerful SSD Servers– Managed WordPress hosting plans include powerful Solid State Drives or SSD Servers instead of the traditionally used HDD servers. This boosts the performance of your website.

High Level of Security– These plans include SSL to ensure the safety of the personal information of the visitors to your site, e-commerce transactions, and other sensitive data.Regular scanning of your website for security threats is included in a managed hosting plan. The service provider will also take timely corrective measures.

All Aspects of Running the Website-The hosting company will handle all aspects of website running and ensure the best performance including the loading speed of pages

Staging Sites-Managed hosting plans include staging sites to allow you to safely test changes and updates before making them visible to the visitors.

Continuous Support-The hosting plan will include continuous support to ensure the smooth running of your website. It will configure the server settings to match your website’s requirements.

Regular Backups-It will create frequent backups of all the content on your website for safekeeping

Linking with Google Analytics– The managed hosting plans allow you to link your existing google analytics account with the traffic dashboard and analyse your traffic data.

Malware Detection-Regular checking of website for malware detection and removal.

Marketing Centre– The hosting company will manage all your SEO, Social Media, and Email traffic channels through one dashboard. It will regularly monitor your website’s performance and marketing efforts from the same dashboard.

The managed hosting plans also include access to Jetpack, a feature-rich toolkit for WordPress websites. This means you have access to specialised tools like website analytics, image CDN, malware protection, website data backups, PayPal integration, and video CDN.

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