Is Risk Involved On ULIP Investment as Equity Shares?

ULIP Investment as Equity Shares


While risks are a part of investing in capital markets, there are several investment tools like a Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) that enable you to control your risks effectively. Let’s first understand ULIP in detail.

What is a Unit Linked Insurance Plan?

A ULIP Plan, which is popularly known as a Unit Linked Insurance Plan, is a type of hybrid life insurance plan. A ULIP plan is a combination of a life insurance policy plus an avenue for investments.

AsULIP investment plan offers dual benefits, it has become famous among several investors who have just started investing in the capital market. To begin with, ULIPs are easy and affordable, and they allow you to invest.

What’s better? You get to manage your funds and choose where you want to invest your money. You can switch your funds as per the market fluctuations and stay in complete control of your money. That way, you can reach your financial goals in the long term without worrying about losing your capital.

Now that you understand the benefits of a ULIP policy, let’s check out the ways to control and manage risks with a ULIP policy.

1. Evaluate your investment goals.

To properly evaluate your investment goals, focus on these three important factors-

a) Your Age

Your investment goals change from time to time, depending on your age. Consider your age while opting for a ULIP.

b) Outlook

Your outlook on life, where you stand, what you do, what’s the scenario at home, etc., can help you build a concrete ground and guide your choices while investing in ULIP.

c) Income

When it comes to investments, income plays a huge and significant role. If you don’t have enough to invest, then you certainly don’t have enough to take risks.

2. Evaluate your risk appetite.

Due to market volatility, the risks are going to be high. Since the market is always fluctuating, it makes it a lot harder to predict the returns on your investments. Hence, it becomes important to know how much risk you can take.

3. Select the correct fund

A ULIP plan gives you the freedom to choose between two primary types of funds-

a) Equity funds

These funds are directly linked to the market. Hence, equity funds are risky investment options compared to debt funds.

b) Debt funds

With debt funds, the risk is low. If your risk appetite is low, then choose debt funds.

4. Make use of ULIP’s switching feature

Even though ULIP investments are linked to the money market, you can control the risks easily with ULIP’s fund switching feature. Depending on current market conditions, you can move assets from equity funds to debt funds when the market is volatile and switch back when the market is flourishing. In this way, you can earn more profits and negate the risk of your investments.


The element of risk in a ULIP plan relies on the current state of the market. As an investor and policyholder, you must keep a tab on market updates and trends to remain in full control of your investments. With these tips, you can reduce your risks and reach your financial goals successfully!

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