4 Great Ways to Make the Most of Your Dried Rose Buds

Dried Rose Buds


Bet you didn’t know that all rose buds and petals can be eaten, did you? But here’s an important thing you need to know. Never attempt to cook the roses you’ve just bought from the florist.

Why? Commercially-grown roses are full of all sorts of fungicides/insecticides. To be sure, grow your own roses. Another tip – the more intense the fragrance, and the lighter the colour, the more flavourful the flowers. So, it’s going to be the white, pale pink, or yellow, not the dark red ones if you want to ingest those rose buds.

How to Make the Most of Your Dried Rose Buds

Versatile as they are, rose buds don’t only stand out as an astounding ingredient in cooking. They can be used in many various ways:

  • As a herbal/floral tea
  • As a mood booster
  • As a skincare item
  • As medicine

Rose Tea

Pretty sure you don’t want to run out of herbal tea in your home, do you? If you love tea, why not make it floral? Yes, you can soak those roses in your green tea or those edibles purely in a pot of hot water.

Here’s how: Boil water. Remove from heat. Toss as many dried rose buds as you like. Simmer for several minutes. Add honey if you like. Your tea should go well with a rosewater cupcake!

Mood Booster

Tea lovers have discovered that when dried rose buds were added to their caffeine-free herbal teas, they experienced bright moods and cheerful spirits for the day. The beverage goes perfectly well with homemade yoghurt or breakfast oatmeal. Try it to believe it!

Skin Care

Dried rose buds are an important ingredient in your own skincare product. The best part, since it’s natural, it cannot probably have any adverse effect on your skin. Far cheaper, it’s easier to make rose bud oil at home.

Here’s how: Boil water. Remove from heat. Pour one cup of oil into a glass jar. Add shredded dried rose buds to the oil. Cover the jar. Place it into the hot water. Leave it to warm for a minimum of 24 hours.

Rose bud oil helps nourish and revitalise skin tissues, improve skin tone, cleanse and alleviate skin irritation, and so on. Try adding the oil to your body cream and lip balm, and see the difference. You can even use it for a soothing foot massage.


You may have already known dried rose buds to be a great component not only of cuisines but also in summer cocktails. Bet you didn’t know that roses have excellent healing power, too! When dried rose bud oil is infused with honey or garlic, its medicinal benefits include fighting off sore throat, relieving bad breath and cough, and helping indigestion, among others. Said to contain antioxidants, the buds are an aphrodisiac, too.

Use only organic products. If you can’t grow roses, get them from a reputable online store. Here’s a Persian online shop in Australia, where you can buy dried rose buds and get value for money.

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