7 tips for a new seller on Amazon

7 tips for a new seller on Amazon


Amazon, since its birth in 1995, is known to be one of the quickest and convenient platforms which provides one click solution to all human needs and wants. It caters to all kinds of products ranging from electronics, groceries, make-up, clothes, etc. Amazon, till date, has maintained itself as the No. 1 platform for both buyers and sellers by providing various benefits to both. If you are a new seller on Amazon, consider the following tips that can help you become a successful Amazon seller.

Tip 1: Make full use of the Seller Central feature by Amazon

The seller central feature by Amazon focuses on providing you with a dashboard where as a seller you can track and add your inventory details, study customer behaviour and purchase patterns, and download numerous custom business reports to better understand your market and target right.

Tip 2: Create clear and optimised product listing for your product(s)

Product listing includes all basic knowledge of the product like product description, product features, product images, etc. Therefore, it is very essential to spend time on delicately curating the product listings for your product/brand to ensure maximum understanding for a potential buyer as first impressions work the best on Amazon. If a potential buyer likes your product description or product image, the chances of them buying it are much higher.

Tip 3: Decide whether you want to self-ship or need third party assistance

Self-ship on Amazon means all processes like storing, packaging and delivering of all products is done by the seller. This majorly helps sellers be in full control and helps reduce initial costs as all resources will be of the home company. However, another option to sell is through third-party assistance which, depending on the product, can both be helpful or stressful if not selected properly.

Tip 4: Add FBA to your newly registered account

Currently, due to high demand of potential sellers wanting to join Amazon for selling their products, Amazon has introduced a scheme called FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) under which sellers have the opportunity to benefit from reducing costs of inventory storage, product distribution and after sales services, as Amazon takes care of all of it.

Tip 5: Invest in an Amazon Marketing Company

It is very important to invest in promotions to ensure maximum brand awareness. However, it can get difficult to manage it all alone for a new seller. This is where the role of an Amazon marketing company comes in. Such an agency provides all solutions that are specifically relevant and effective for your brand. An Amazon marketing company like Growisto offers full support and transparency throughout and also ensures that all promotional strategies of their Amazon marketing company is well aligned with your objectives and goals. Thus, an Amazon marketing company guarantees visible positive results for your brand.

Tip 6: Always keep an eye out at the performance metrics

Like any other company, Amazon also offers a lot of after sales help for you to understand your buyers as well as your brand perform better. One such example is performance metrics. With the help of performance metrics, you can analyse and implement changes on the basis of how good or bad your product sales are. Another feature is a feedback manager where you can Monitor your customer reviews better and makes changes if necessary.

Tip 7: Consider the Amazon STEP program

Amazon, under this STEP program, tracks your performance in the marketplace and then provides customised recommendations and actions that can help improve your overall performance as a brand. This program has different stages for each level to better distinguish the sellers and each level has its own benefits to offer.

To conclude, in order to become a successful Amazon seller, all the above mentioned tips can provide you with an edge in the marketplace as the majority of the work can be delegated to Amazon itself. However, as correct marketing can make or break a product, investing in an Amazon marketing company can really help grow your brand awareness and product sales by a great number.

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