Are Millennials Causing Online Nurseries to Flourish?

Are Millennials Causing Online Nurseries to Flourish?


Undeniably, with new developments today, everything is online, from our shoes, electronic gadgets to whatnot. Well, if everything is online, why should the online nurseries be behind above them? Today, every online nursery is providing plants to you with numerous advantages. 

In this current era of the tech-driven world, millennials today make it easier for people to halt wasting their time and see how efficient they can be while sitting at home. Today, even plants can be ordered online as per your requirements while you sit in a comfortable place. 

Below-mentioned are some of the pointers that suggest millennials’ trends and how they are becoming plant parents!! 

  • About 75% of the population has turned to be plant lovers as millennials fully occupy this share. Not just one, somewhat in numerous groups they are doing this. 
  • Today, several campaigns are being run by millennials on social media and physically door-to-door campaigning to promote and make people understand different ways to protect plants. And they also suggest how an online nursery can make life easier. 
  • Millennials are often blamed for some of the incidents, including causing the death of some industries like napkins, doorbells, vehicles. But, now the tables have turned and given credit for keeping the plants alive. Also, maintaining greenery all around maximizes their contribution. 
  • According to research conducted in the United States of America, about 40% of plant sales have risen rapidly after young people began to engage in this cause. Not just in the United States, instead there are many more countries that have reportedly seen this rise and converted an excellent profit margin and contributed to the greenery. 
  • With great enthusiasm, the millennials have stepped up and raised awareness about plants and online nurseries options. Many of the youngsters have asked to have stocks of house plants from several vendors and suggest other people keep the same types of plants. 
  • Millennials have said that they have a deep heart connection with the plants. Many of them have agreed that they act like siblings, best friends, and even kids to some of them. And this is why they feel it is the utmost need for them to take care of these plants. 
  • Since there are many stress and anxiety cases, many millennials often claimed that while talking to focus or to have plants at home makes them strong in dealing with stress and anxiety pressures. Even several doctors have suggested that having plants at home makes things easier, as they bring positivity and motivation with them.

As millennials prefer easing out as many processes, they have chosen online nurseries. Here, all they have to do is sit at home, order plants, and get instant deliveries with a click of a mouse. 


Today plants are known to be the best friends of millennials, so they have raised voices. They all have agreed that plants are the crucial aspect in need of the hour!

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