Alexis Fecteau Puts Positive Lights on Commercial Pilot Training and Future

Alexis Fecteau Puts Positive Lights on Commercial Pilot Training and Future


Is being a commercial airline pilot hard? It is a common question that most aviation aspirants ask themselves before they enroll in an airplane training flying school. Though on the surface, the life of a commercial pilot does look glamorous, it entails a lot of mental agility and hard physical work to become a successful commercial airline pilot. If you want to become a commercial pilot, you should first check whether the life of a pilot is something cut out for you or not.

You should research thoroughly and speak to counselors belonging to the airline industry to get honest feedback as to what the job entails. You can also communicate with flying schools and schedule a counseling session where you can speak to a qualified expert to know the traits needed to become a successful commercial airline pilot.

Alexis Fecteau– why do you want to become a pilot?

Captain Alexis Fecteau is a well-known name in the aviation industry in the USA. He has been a USAF, a former flight instructor and a pilot of commercial aircraft; currently, he is the Director of Marketing for Boeing Business Jets.He has been an inspiring mentor and guide to several young aspirants who want to become a pilot in the nation. His peers widely respect him for his experience and dedication to being a pilot. He says that flying an airplane is indeed an e:L:njoyable experience.

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When you are the pilot for a commercial aircraft, you are equally responsible for the passengers flying. You need to check everything inside the .aircraft before you take up the flight. The job is challenging, especially when you face turbulent and adverse weather conditions. In such cases, your presence of mind and calmness comes into play. If you are the kind of person who cannot remain calm under stress and pressure, flying should never be in your future agenda.

Key questions you must ask yourself before you enroll for the training?

He says the most critical question you must ask yourself when you want to become a pilot is – why? Do some introspection and see whether you like flying, want to be a part of the aviation industry for life. Examine if you are ready to take the responsibilities of others, and are you disciplined enough to lead the life of a pilot, are your time management skills good and more. These are just some of the basic questions you must ask yourself if you want to become a commercial airline pilot.

The training and the licensing

Every pilot must have proper training, a license to fly, and a certain number of flying hours to start the job. You can undertake training programs from military or civilian streams. Every pilot needs to go through recurrent training to maintain their qualifications and licenses. In short, learning is a continuous process. There are several flight stimulator sessions you must attend and pass.

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In the opinion of Alexis Fecteau when you fly an aircraft; the feeling is indescribable. The hours of training, learning, and other sacrifices are nothing compared to the joys offlying an airplane and responsibly transporting all your passengers from one place to another safely!

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