Basics types of SEO

Basics types of SEO


Search Engine Optimization is a process used by webpages authors to rank their website higher in Google’s SERPs which will result in increased visitors and hence higher traffic. The common methods involve using relevant search phrases and keywords in your domain.

Some common types of SEO will be beneficial for your website while planning for an organic search strategy. You can implement this on your website or leave it to the best search engine optimization company which will do it for you and your website. Here are the most basic types of SEO that could rank your website higher and gain higher traffic.

On-Page SEO

The On-Page SEO is everything that you do to make your website rank higher in search results on search engines. It authors the top-quality contents of your website to make it helpful for your visitors to get relatable or important information. It also adds meta tags so that the Google algorithm understands the importance of your content by highlighting headings using the HTML tags and other elements of the content and ensures that your website is free from broken links and duplicate contents.

There are other common techniques of on-page SEO. These include filtering the structure of the URL and putting up an ordered naming system for similar webpages that fall under a single category. Another technique is choosing images that are small while writing file names that are a bit long. These are implemented by every company including the best search engine optimization company.

Off-Page SEO

The Off-page SEO broadly includes everything which you do outside your website so that it fares better and ranks higher in the SERPs of Google. It works on external factors for the website to rank higher such as link building from trusted sites that are in your domain, marketing on social media, etc. These are sometimes given less preference over the other types of SEOs, ignoring the fact that these are very important to bring in visitors from various other websites and platforms.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO helps the bots of Google for crawling, interpreting, and indexing the pages of your website for further use in the future. This type of SEO helps to create an XML sitemap which makes it easy for your website to work perfectly on mobile phones as well. On top of them, that also adds structured data that helps the web crawlers to sort and categorize your webpages based on their content type.


If you choose the best search engine optimization company, you can rest assured that they are going to implement all of these and much more. These techniques could get your website better traffic and higher rankings on search engines.

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