How to Apply for a Personal Loan Online?

Personal Loan


A personal loan is a kind of credit that can help you meet your financial needs at the moment. You do not have to provide any guarantees or collateral, and the loan can be obtained with minimal documentation. In order to pay for an expense like house renovations, marriage costs, health emergencies, funerals, etc., a lump sum payment from the personal loan can be used. In addition, consolidating debts or relieving liquidity problems can be made possible by taking out a personal loan.

In today’s internet world, obtaining everything is extremely easy. You can easily apply personal loan online with instant loan apps. Read this article below to understand how to apply for an instant personal loan online.

Steps to Apply for Personal Loan Online

Follow the below-mentioned procedure to apply for a personal loan online.

1. Choose a borrowed lender

While there is a large, organised, and unorganised lending market, prospective borrowers will be best served by choosing one of the reputed lenders. It would also make it easier and more seamless for a person to take advantage of the best interest rate, as well as quicker.

2. Verify eligibility

Before applying for a certain loan, a borrower needs to be aware of the maximum amount for which they qualify. Their monthly income from their business or employment, the number of loans and EMIs they currently have outstanding, the total amount owed on all of their credit cards, and other particular criteria will usually determine their eligibility. Essentially, it is dependent upon an individual’s creditworthiness.

3. Apply online

Applicants can apply for a personal loan on the website of most regulated lenders by simply submitting an online application form. The basic details that people need to be provided with for taking out a loan are all they have to give. The personal data includes names, ages, addresses, telephone numbers, PAN and Aadhaar card numbers, employment or company details, as well as information relating to the income of a business.

The majority of lenders offer existing customers, notably those with good credit histories, the opportunity to apply for a pre-approved loan that can be applied for in minutes.

4. Determine the amount and duration of the loan

In order to ensure that they are eligible for the loan, borrowers must decide what level of funding is needed and how much longer. A higher interest rate is typical for personal lending but also varies depending on the length of the term. Therefore, even though they may be eligible for more credit, one should endeavour to keep the amount and duration as low as possible. A more flexible repayment option may also be chosen by the borrower, either monthly or if the lender allows it.

5. Documentation

A good lender generally allows you to take out a personal loan directly from your house by simply logging on to their website. While some lenders have employed an executive to gather all the relevant documentation from a borrower physically, it is common for other lenders to allow such documents to be made publicly available on their websites.

A copy of your PAN or Aadhar card, paychecks or evidence of business income from the previous six to twelve months, bank account statements showing your salary or income from a business account for the previous few months, a copy of your employer’s ID proof, if you are employed, and so forth are some examples of these documents. Various types of documentation could exist among lenders. Borrowers can be required to provide further paperwork. There are no collateral documents needed for a personal loan because it is an uncollateralized loan.

6. Loan disbursal

The loan amount will be disbursed to the borrower’s bank account within a maximum of 24 hours once the lender has approved the documents. It’s that simple and easy to get a loan on your own.


The process of obtaining a personal loan is simple and no trouble at all once you’ve got a good credit history and the right score. In addition, a good lender offers you attractive interest rates and will tailor your repayment plan to take account of your cash flow situation. You’ll be able to receive your loan very quickly from the comfort of your home if you approach a reputable and well-managed lender like Fibe.

The Fibe instant personal loan app checks the eligibility of borrowers for credit up to INR 5 lakhs in less than two minutes. It is also simple and fully online to use the application. In addition, it prefills the online form with your Aadhaar data and allows you to upload your documents in a few minutes to approve your loan. So you know exactly where to go next time you need a personal loan.

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