Check shirts: A must-have for men’s wardrobe

check shirts for men 


Check shirts are considered to be one of the must-have options in men’s wardrobe. These shirts are easy to layer and will effortlessly style up by giving lumber-sexual vibes. Even though checked shirts came long before, they never go out of fashion.

The first variant of the check shirts was the buffalo check pattern that arrived in the mid 19th century. Since then there have been many more designs and variants of check shirts for men that have come down the line.

Checked shirts have survived all the fashion trends and have proven to fit in any outfit. Without a range of check shirts, a man’s wardrobe is not considered to be complete. Its versatility and simplicity have made it always stay on top of men’s choices while shopping for clothes.

Varieties in checked shirts 

Smart casuals are the new trend in India and thus there are a variety of checked shirts men can choose from. Each type has its style and design that is well suited for different occasions.

The different types of check shirts can make a men’s wardrobe look more stylish.

  • Plaid checks
  • Gingham checks
  • Windowpane checks
  • Tattersall check pattern
  • Pin checks

With the right size and colour, one can easily smarten up their wardrobe with proper colours in checked shirts.

Why are check shirts considered a must-have for men’s wardrobe? 

Check shirts bring life to a men’s outfit and can be worn in a casual as well as a formal style too.

  • Check shirts come in different types and bring a lot of style to the outfit.
  • Along with this, check shirts provides a lot more freedom for men to style them with different outfits
  • There are different types of check shirts that can be styled accordingly to what suits every man
  • Check shirts have been an option for a long period and there has been varied collection which brings uniqueness to any outfit
  • Branded check shirts never go out of fashion for men. They can be styled up with any outfit.

Checked shirts can be styled up in many ways! 

With a range of varieties as well as benefits, check shirts can be styled up for different occasions; either formal or casual.

  • They can be worn as a formal with a tie
  • Check shirts can also be worn for less formal occasions without a tie.
  • Casual outfits can also include checked shirts tucked in with bottoms such as jeans
  • For casual occasions, men can wear check shirts untucked. They can style it up with casual jeans and boots
  • Checked shirts can also be worn unbuttoned with a casual t-shirt inside

A simple check shirt can spice up a men’s wardrobe with uniqueness and bring it to life. It is a must-have for men’s wardrobe.

Therefore, check shirts never go out of fashion and bring a lumbersexual look for men. They can be worn in any outfit and will still look effortlessly stylish. Choosing the right colour and type of checked shirts makes them go with everything.

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