Regularly repurpose and update your old content

Regularly repurpose and update your old content


Existing material has already acquired credibility and, in some circumstances, a readership. Rather than starting from scratch, it can be far easier to improve the performance of an existing post in the search results by updating it with new information and content. This is where SEO agency UK helps you grow.

Time-sensitive material (in other words, issues like SEO that are always changing) and pieces that are receiving some organic traffic but also have the ability to gain a lot more are the greatest candidates for content refreshes.

In Google Analytics’ Landing Pages area, you could see how much attention your content receives. Simply go to Behaviour> Site Content > Landing Pages to get started.

Change the section you’re looking at to “Organic Traffic” and use your search bar to filter the results. For instance, if you want to see traffic to content in your site’s /blog subdirectory, all you have to do is type /blog into the search field.

You may also use a tool like Content Decay through SEO agency UK to make this procedure much easier. This tool performs the legwork for you, providing a list of highlighted material that has been losing traffic.

When you’re ready, use the Single Grain editing rules to update your earlier blog posts:

  • Rewrite the introduction and conclusion if necessary.
  • Delete or merge any parts that are weak.
  • Write and publish as much as you think will contribute to the piece’s worth.
  • Any numbers, statistics, or statements should be updated, and any links to sources should be no more than two years old.
  • Replace any photographs that are old or no longer relevant.
  • Replace any examples or case studies with new, current examples or case studies.

Create videos and a YouTube channel (why not?)

You’ve noticed that your dwell time has to be increased. What better method to accomplish this than using video?

According to a poll conducted by Biteable:

  • Video is used as a marketing tool by 60% of organisations.
  • Video, according to 74% of marketers, provides a higher ROI  than static pictures.
  • Video, according to 49% of marketers, helps them connect with their audience.
  • Video, according to 52 percent of marketers, helps them create trust with potential consumers.

Until recently, Google exclusively ranked YouTube videos in Suggested Clips, but marketers may now rank videos from any site using the new Seek and Clip data structures.

You may also utilise your videos to start your own Channel on YouTube, which is:

  • With 2.2 billion and more monthly active viewers watching 1 billion hours of video every day, YouTube is the most popular video site on the Internet.
  • The second-most-visited site
  • Make an investment in your material (and Back links)

The heart of Google’s ranking system is and will always be link development. And content is maybe the best technique to generate back links on a large scale

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