Dire Situations, You Might Get a DUI Lawyer For

DUI Lawyer


DUI or “Driving under the influence” refers to situations when a driver is driving under the effect of alcohol. DUI can impact a person’s life in several ways. Such as:

  • Risking employment
  • Ruining interpersonal relationships
  • Causing health hazards
  • Incurs Legal expenses such as paying a fine
  • Damaging of properties
  • Medical expenses 

The consequences of DUI are thus far-fetched, and the effect on one’s life is near about permanent. To cope with this situation, a person might need a DUI lawyer. Every DUI lawyer in Phoenix handles multiple DUI cases and offers solid legal guidance. 

Significant situations requiring DUI lawyer intervention

DUI attorneys are criminal lawyers specialized in handling “Driving under Influence” cases. When a drinking and driving case is held in court, the perpetrator needs a defense lawyer to represent him/her. With or without the help of a DUI attorney, the lawbreaker is still punished.

In some cases, they are debarred from driving for some time. In Phoenix, Arizona, DUI lawyers form a highly specialized judiciary branch with years of experience in drinking and driving offenses.

Although there might also be cases when a person was not under any influence but has still been charged with a DUI, in such circumstances hiring a DUI attorney becomes mandatory. Some of these situations have been mentioned below. 

  • When a DUI case is held in court, an offender needs a DUI attorney to represent him/her. 
  • First and foremost, if you have not yet been charged, your advocate may be available to assist you to avoid prosecution based on the facts of your case, the information, or if the police committed mistakes during your detention.
  • If you’ve been charged, it doesn’t imply you’ll be convicted; your lawyer will evaluate the evidence, criminal complaint, CCTV footage, and other factors to see if the criminal justice system followed the correct procedure.
  • DUI attorneys often have in-depth knowledge and expertise in DUI laws. Thus a complex case that requires more refined understanding and diplomacy calls for the guidance of a DUI attorney. 
  • A first offense of drunk driving with no prior convictions, such as recklessness, ignoring traffic signs and signals, may be a little complex. In that case, an expert in the technicalities of DUI can raise possible issues representing the offender. 
  • A DUI attorney can also defend the case by questioning the reliability of equipment such as an alcohol breather. 


DUI offenses are highly valued in Arizona. Extreme public pressure has pushed Arizona lawmakers, attorneys, magistrates, and the judiciary system as a whole to apply severe sanctions on people found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs over the years.

Some DUI lawyers from Phoenix, USA, provide DUI consultancies globally. Errors in judgment are the leading cause of DUI charges. These errors can be committed both by lawmakers and the public.

The dispersion of fatal accidents by driving drunk typically followed that of the demographic, with the South East having the highest number of major and minor accidents. In the area, 210 significant accidents were hugely influenced by drunk driving in 2018.

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