Luxury Vinyl Flooring vs. Standard Flooring: Which is Better?

Standard Flooring


The standard vinyl flooring was considered the best option for floors for a long time, and the product’s sales were quite high in the market. It could be used to avert the damage due to moisture, and the substance was also stain proof.

However, the problem with standard vinyl flooring was that it was made of thinner sheets that would tear away easily and the durability of the product was low. The substance was uncomfortable for the residents because it felt hard under the feet, especially when installed on concrete. Thus came into play the role of luxury vinyl flooring options devised by the interior decorating experts. 

According to the calculating data, the sale of luxury vinyl for floor planks has been increasing at a steady pace since 2017. 

We shall draw a comparison between the need for luxury vinyl, which is rapidly substituting the standard vinyl flooring options. 

Why should luxury vinyl for the floor be used?

Optimum Thickness

The luxury vinyl for floor planks is added in multilayer which enhances the thinness of the overall vinyl sheet. They are flexible yet rigid to accommodate the pressure subjected to the floor when heavy objects are placed on them. They are meant to adhere to the concrete surface. The semi-rigid nature of the planks makes them comfortable for people to easily walk on it barefoot.

Luxury vinyl flooring planks are made of thickness that ranges from 2 to 8 mm. The appreciable thickness of the plank is beneficial for a long-lasting effect and brilliant performance. On the other hand, the standard vinyl planks are very thin and feel difficult to walk on because of discomfort on the hard concrete surface below. 

Quality of luxury vinyl for floor is better

When it comes to discussing the composition of the luxury vinyl for the floor, the planks are made of eight to nine layers, making them stronger and long-lasting. The durability of the substance is increased by the presence of the toast layer, which adds a unique shine to the product and the subsequent layer is for providing additional protection to the designs.

This is not what you shall observe in the standard vinyl flooring, which is thinner and is composed of much fewer layers. 

A cushioning effect on the feet

The presence of multiple layers in the luxury vinyl for the floor makes them the most suitable option for the floor designs. The composition of several layers makes them sturdier and comfort the feet of the resident who walks on the surface of the plank. 

Wrapping it up

Thus considering the reasons for luxury vinyl flooring and the benefits due to which it is gaining importance, we can say that it is the best option for your home after tiles and marbles flooring.

Luxury vinyl for the floor is much appreciated among buyers these days who can realize the utility of luxury vinyl planks for floor construction. For the perfect guide of buying the best type of vinyl for the floor, it is better to take a professional consultation.   

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