How Does CBD Essential Oil Help Common Health Problems

How Does CBD Essential Oil Help Common Health Problems


Cannabidiol is a natural remedy popularly used for several health ailments. It is widely known as CBD and is one of the 100 compounds present in the marijuana or the cannabis plant (cannabis sativa). THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid present in cannabis, and it is known for the typical feeling of getting high (something associated with marijuana intake). However, unlike THC, the consumption of CBD is not psychoactive at all.

CBD Essential oil for pain relief

One of CBD essential oil’s biggest qualities is its ability to alleviate pain and its associated symptoms without an impact on the mind like specific pharmaceutical medicines or marijuana. The CBD essential oil is produced by taking out the CBD component from the cannabis plant and diluting it with oil (carrier oil) like the hemp seed or coconut oil. This essential oil has become quite popular in the health and fitness world. There is scientific evidence that the application of this oil will ease symptoms like anxiety and chronic pain.

Given below are some of the health advantages that are backed with scientific proof-

  1. Reduce depression and anxiety – Both depression and anxiety are regular disorders, and they have adverse effects on the body and the mind. As per the World Health Organization, depression is the primary cause of disability, and disorders associated with anxiety are ranked at 6th place in the world.

 Though both of these conditions can be successfully treated with pharmaceutical drugs, they can cause many side effects like insomnia, sexual disorder, agitation, drowsiness, and more. Again, medicines for depression and anxiety like benzodiazepines are quite addictive, and if uncontrolled, will lead to substance abuse. CBD oil has proved to be effective against these two common conditions to make people more interested in this holistic approach.

  1. Can decrease acne – Acne is a frustrating skin condition that affects almost 9% of the population across the globe. Several reasons contribute to acne’s cause, and they are bacteria, overproduction of sebum, genetics, and more. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties, and this can reduce flare ups. It can reduce and control the excess production of sebum in the skin.
  1. Possibility of neuroprotective properties – There has been research conducted in this field, and there is evidence that CBD oil can benefit those people with neurological disorders. The studies in this area are still new; however, its results have been quite promising. There has been a study where it has been discovered that CBD oil has reduced the occurrence of seizures in children with Dravet Syndrome. (This is a sort of epilepsy disorder that is a complex one. It takes place in childhood mostly and causes a placebo like effect)

CBD essential oil has been seen to treat the above conditions. There still is a lot of research and studies going on in these fields; however, the results have been positive. This proves that CBD oil is a natural and safe treatment free from side effects to several common health problems in the human body.

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