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Thai Rice


Thailand is typically after producing three to five percent of the rice in the world. It is so far a quarter of the global trade. As with the average yearly yields of Thai paddy rice, it runs to thirty-to thirty-two million tons. This is then consumed by export & domestic markets in equal quantities. Thai rice is recognized globally due to its high quality. It is demanded in large countries.

The country is located in the southeastern region of the Asian continent. It also made remarkable progress in economic & social development. It also turned out as an upper-middle income country dating back in 2011. It is after reaching higher-income status in 2032. That is why Thailand is cited as a good developmental success. It is also impressive that it reduced poverty in 1980.

The agricultural field is employing thirty-five percent of the entire workforce. It is a significant sector in the Thai economy. Even if the contribution of agriculture to GDP declined over time, still, Thai rice export is on top. This is to say considering the export of commodity crops. In the past thirty years, Thailand is the world’s biggest rice exporter.

One-Hundred Million Tons of Rice Milling Capacity

The domestic milling capacity of Thailand is higher than the demand. That’s also almost equal to one-hundred million tons every year. It is so far three times the domestic rice output.

Large rice mills are known for their processing capacity of twenty-tons of paddy rice every day. They also have invested in the newer form of technology that improves milling techniques. Plus, the quality of rice is improved as produced. They also have their silos for storing rice.

Rice products are contracted by the major exports for milling. The products are processed bound for the export markets. This way, operators could have a better position in the market. They also will not likely be affected by the oversupply of milling capacity than the small rice mills.

Average Yearly Yields of Thai Paddy Rice Thirty to Thirty-Two Million Tons

Thai rice exporters yield an average of Thai paddy rice annually. It typically runs from thirty to thirty-two million tons or twenty to twenty-one million tons of milled rice. This is exported to different markets in equal quantities. In the January report, 20.7-million tons of rice produced also is to be exported from 2018 to 2019. This is so far a 1-percent increase with rice being a main product.

The 2018 rice export report released by the Customs Department of Thailand totaled 11.1 million tons. But so far, Thai rice exporters are expected to face strong but good competition along with Indian & Vietnamese rice.

Highest Quality Product Guaranteed As Exported for Export

Any Thai rice exporter is trusted specializing in the manufacture & export of high-quality rice. Plus, only reliable & exceptional service is offered to customers. One is always committed to improving the quality & safety of food products. This way, customer expectation is achieved as always. That also essentially includes facing legal requirements.

Since Thailand is famed as an agricultural land w/ world-class rice plants, the more exporters are able to profit more from it. The fertile soil & the hot climate result in the unique & marvelous taste of Thai rice.

Professional rice exporters in Thailand provide & supply the best rice products. This is also through using updated & automatic rice processing equipment. The rice products are also always healthy, safe, & GMO-free for the environment.

Among the Thai rice selection exported include glutinous rice, Jasmine rice, white rice, brown rice, & special blend rice. The rice export business is known for these rice varieties. It is always the business of Thai rice exporters to serve your needs!

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