How Rajasthan Board Students can Master in their Maths Exam

How Rajasthan Board Students can Master in their Maths Exam


Practice makes perfect when it comes to Maths. It is a subject that students cannot avoid. Some students try to study Maths by simply memorizing formulas and equations, the way they would remember facts and dates. However, Maths is all about formulas and equations and the best way to learn them is by using them. Interestingly, Maths is a subject which helps in developing rational thinking and a logical approach in students.

Almost every Rajasthan Board student finds the subject tough and challenging due to the complexity of calculations and theorems. Still, it can be turned to their favourite subject with the right approach. A majority of students face common problems while solving difficult or tricky questions and doing quick calculations, which can only be achieved with regular practice.

After Class 10th board exams students usually take a step back from their studies. 11th grade is like a fresh start for the students because in terms of course content, it is very different as compared to what you have studied in your Class 10th standard. In this article, we have compiled few tips to ace in Class 11 Maths exam.

5 Tips to Ace the Class 11 Maths Exam for Rajasthan Board students

  1. Practice more – Mathematics is a subject where learning theory is not as critical as solving the numerical problems. Thus, students need to address as many questions as possible to increase their speed and accuracy in Mathematics. Each mathematical problem possesses its characteristics, and it’s essential to solve it in different ways before attempting the exam.
  1. Resolve your doubts – Some students get stuck while solving a maths problem and find it difficult to move on to the next stage. So, they skip the questions and continue to the next. But, instead of that, they should spend time trying to understand the fundamental process of solving the problem. If they still find it difficult to answer the question, they should approach their respective teacher for the solution.
  1. Review your errors – After solving each exercise, students are advised to review their solutions and understand where their problem-solving skills let them down. It is essential to work through the process of each solution. Once students are done with the review, they should analyze their approach to the problem and identify where they went wrong. It will help them to become stronger in the subject and avoid the same mistakes in the future.
  2. Stronghold on Key Concepts – Maths is a subject which cannot be memorized. It’s always better to decipher the process and logic that is involved, which will help them to know how they should approach such problems in the future. Students should remember that Maths is a crucial subject, so it is important to have a solid understanding of the key concepts to solve difficult questions which are based on understanding the basics.
  1. Create study notes – Students should create notes with all the concepts, terminology and definitions important for the Maths exam. While creating the notes, they should make sure that they include their meanings, some key points and even some sample answers so that they can consult them at any time and recap.

Students should also take help of the solutions of Class 11 Rajasthan Board to review their preparation level of Maths. In conclusion, students should remember that it’s also essential to have confidence in yourself and face the exam with full determination.

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