How To Make A Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist


You may know that moving can be stressful and something nobody anticipates. However, reducing the stress and making the process a bit smooth is possible. One thing you can do is to create a moving checklist that allows you to confirm everything, one by one. The best thing about the checklist is that it helps you stay organized. As you may know, an organized move is an easy move. The following is a simple guide to creating a moving checklist.

3-4 Weeks Before Moving Date

  • Sort your stuff to know what to ship, donate, sell or throw away. It will reduce the load and make packing easier.
  • Create a list of the things you want to move with. It will be easy to estimate the cost and gather packing supplies.
  • After sorting out your items, conduct a garage sale to sell off some of the items. You can also donate to a charity or people you know may need them.
  • Start gathering packing supplies like boxes, newspapers, wrapping papers, markers, bubble wrap, seal, and others.
  • Search for the best moving company and make moving arrangements. Molloy Bros. Moving will help with all your moving needs.

2 Weeks to Moving Date

  • Clean rugs and carpets and keep them folded. It will ensure you move to the new place with clean items.
  • You can start packing from the least used rooms and the major items like Christmas decorations, and do not forget to label the boxes.
  • If you are relocating from an apartment, it is important to fix any repairs before you leave. It will make it easy to sell the place.
  • You will need to arrange for an off day from work if you know the exact date you will be moving. Ensure you inform the HR and supervisor in advance.

A Week to Moving Date

  • about your Call the moving company and confirm the arrangements. If traveling by flight, you may want to book your tickets early.
  • Start Active Packing
  • Begin packing even the smallest items you will be taking with you. Stay organized and pack one room at a time.
  • Make sure you put every item in the box where it belongs. Label the box correctly and seal it. Move to the next box and do the same.
  • Arrange for Utilities Cut Off
  • Let the public agencies know relocation to cut gas, electricity, cable, and water.

On the Moving Day

  • Make sure every room is empty, and the boxes are labeled correctly. Arrange how the boxes will be loaded based on their weight and priority.
  • Detach Large Items
  • Detach large items to make them easy to pack and load.
  • Prepare a Box of Essentials
  • Set aside a box labeled “essentials” and put every basic thing you use frequently. Some items to pack in the essentials box are toiletries, cleaning supplies, paper towels, chargers, and snacks.

To Wrap It Up

The checklist you create depends on how much time you have. If you have more than two months to plan, it is best to start early. Make a checklist from 4 weeks to the moving day and follow the instructions above. Make sure you set deadlines so that you don’t rush at the last minute. Venice, FL moving services

Infographic provided by Master Movers, a Venice, FL moving services company

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