How Do You Know That At Home Care Nashville TN is The Right Solution For You?

At Home Care


There’s no question that you’re reached a time in life when some assistance is in order. What remains to be decided is what sort of assistance and where it should occur. The fact is that you may do perfectly well with a care giver in the home rather than moving into some sort of senior facility. If the following is true in your case, then looking into options for at home care Nashville TN is the right move to make.

You Still Have Some Stamina

It’s true that you lack the endurance that was present in years past. Even so, the level of stamina that you retain makes it possible to continue handling some tasks around the house. What has to go are the ones that tend to take longer and happen to be labor intensive.

The solution is to have a care giver who can pick up where you leave off. If cooking or doing the laundry is now more difficult than you can manage, the care giver can take care of those things. This frees you to concentrate on activities that are still within your ability to perform.

Much of Your Personal Hygiene is Still Manageable

There is a lot of your daily personal hygiene that you can manage on your own. That includes brushing the teeth and combing your hair. Even most of the bathing is still within your ability. the issue is that you may need some help getting in and out of the shower or the tub,.

In this scenario, a care giver can help provide the stability that allows you to settle in with ease. When it’s time to get out, the caregiver will provide the support needed and ensure that there are towels within reach. This takes away the anxiety about falling, and ensures you can continue to enjoy the bath time.

You’re Not Experiencing Memory or Cognition Issues

When it comes to your memory or your ability to relate to what is happening around you, there are no problems at all. Other than experiencing events like forgetting where you sat down a book or forgetting to take your medicine a half-hour before supper, you’re doing fine. This indicates there’s no need for anyone to be concerned about your wandering off and becoming confused.

Having at home care Nashville TN will mean there’s someone on hand to talk with now and then. You will also have someone there to help you look for the glasses or the book that’s temporarily misplaced.

Only a Little Help With Dressing is Required

You still find it easy to handle most of your dressing. Selecting outfits and putting them on is not a problem. What is an issue is that your hands don’t have the same level of dexterity that they had in the past.

What you need is someone on hand who can help with zippers, buttons, and shoe laces. Feel free to continue handling the bulk of your dressing, but then call the care giver when it’s time to zip or button up, or if you need someone to tie your shoes.

Take a close look at your situation. With a little help, would you continue to be safe and comfortable under your own roof? If so, talk with a local agency and see what can be worked out. The right person may be available to begin working immediately.

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