Is the Reopening of Schools for Small Children Under the Pandemic a Wise Decision to Take?

Is the Reopening of Schools for Small Children Under the Pandemic a Wise Decision to Take?


For quite some time now, people have been stuck in their homes needing to move out and roam around since they feel overwhelmed by the time they have spent in closed vicinity. One significant problem parents had to face was to handle the small kids who were overflowing with hormones. The fact that these kids previously had to spend a major chunk of their time in school, and when they did come back, they were tired and so it was easy for the parents to control them. But now, this is going out of hand due to the extensively free time such kids have. While parents are frustrated with the situation, the health analysts still force on the decision of schools and universities being closed off until the total patients of the entire world become so negligible that they can declare that the pandemic is finally over.

Trying to move along with the situation, many schools and universities opted to go online so that children could get on with their studies. But unfortunately, the method was seen as highly ineffective and useless. Kids were even finding it hard to learn 1st grade spelling words since they could not understand the teacher. Part of this issue stemmed from teachers not having experience in providing teaching through an online mechanism. Along with this, internet issues and availability of an electronic device were some other reasons which made the online method much more unproductive than it already was.

Alongside this, it was already difficult enough for teachers to teach through online procedure. But some educational institutions made it compulsory for teachers to take quizzes and tests through online methods. It was evident due to lack of knowledge and one-to-one accessibility that students would easily cheat through online forms or by having their friends alongside them. Even the spelling test for grade 1 was not reliable since the parents themselves allowed their kids to cheat since they could not help their kids to learn for exams due to the failed online method of teaching.

While the idea of learning and exams miserably failed, there still were some universities who pulled it off by using intuitive methods such as websites and applications which were made to assist people in learning and education. Spellquiz was one of the most popular websites people used to get the learning resource to children quickly alongside having somewhat clean and considerable tests online. Such methods somewhat worked, but only to a certain extent. This is because such online forms gradually become monotonous and repetitive. This tedious nature caused many students to lose focus, which in turn effected their grades quickly. Therefore, even such methods can be helpful, but for a little while, this is because such practices are there for supplementary material or help. Turning the entire system on such methods can never be as effective as the one-to-one teaching mechanism.

Hence, today as the number of reported patients is decreasing day by day. We see that many countries who either were only slightly affected by the virus or have majorly recovered from the virus are planning to open their educational institutions completely. Some countries prefer to open only universities since teenagers would be better at maintaining social distancing and obeying to all types of precautions. This is a much better way of reopening such educational institutions since small kids are carefree and would indeed not follow any guidelines relating to precautionary measures. Not only this, but parents also are speculating whether they should allow their kids to go out to a gathering of a great number of people since it can cause a severe COVID-19 spike if the things were not handled correctly.

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To conclude, countries who have majorly recovered, such as New Zealand and Australia, can think of opening their educational institutions entirely since they have such few cases which were recovered quickly. And with no new topics being registered for over two months now, the parents can also trust their kids to go out in large gatherings as well. But for the rest of the countries who are still observing great numbers which are either climbing or decreasing must take complete precautions until they hit a pause in the cases being registered since it is the best indicator of having a reason to open up their educational institutions. Countries such as Indian and America are still experiencing one thousand to two thousand cases registered every day. This shows the increasing trend of patients for such countries, which makes it difficult for any educational institution to open on any level. Some states have also brought innovative methods of having classes in shifts so that a large gathering of students can be avoided, yet such things are still in the works with no pragmatic results.

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