The suitable weapons for home defense

The suitable weapons for home defense


Some people believe that the largest gun is suitable for home defense compared to shotguns and handguns. There are many options for appropriate home defense you can choose from. However, they may seem so confusing since there are wide ranges in the market, but still, you can get an exceptional one for personal and home safety.

Homedefense101 website has listed the top list of the suitable shotguns and handgun, visit to find more. Here are various factors you must consider before you own a firearm:

Planning for a home assault

First and foremost, before you think of rushing to buy a gun, it is vital to plan essential when you are alerted for home assault. Actually, it is much important than looking for a particular firearm. So you have to rehearse and think out of the ideal step to take during this situation.

Double-barreled shotgun

Double-barreled is an example of a good shotgun for home security. Proper planning for the attack is also reasonable; it involves some of your matured family members. Let’s say that you are the head of the family, and an assault happens when you’re not around. So, should at least teach your wife or eldest son or daughter where to access the weapon and use it.

Hunting rifle

Buying a hunting rifle designed with a good scope is a good gun, but it’s not suitable for home defense. So, shotgun or handgun is ideal for both personal and home defense. The reason hunting is not appropriate for home defense is because most of the assault usually happens not more than 20 feet. Then again, they are typically quick, loud and violent. For hunting, you can buy complete AR-15 rifles and be sure to make regular kills and score huge points amongst your peers.

Factors to consider during an assault

Besides having a powerful shotgun, you need to look into some essential elements like the type of caliber gun can be controlled quickly and start attacking the enemy. Also, can you stand the dark place, especially when you’re scared? Can you access where the gun is kept when you’re under sudden attack? Is ammo loaded always? There are many helpful things you can do during an attack. Visit home defense 101 websites visit to find more.


A gun should always be used for defense but not for crime. Using a shotgun or handgun for crime is illegal, and you can face a lifetime or death sentence. Furthermore, a gun is not the only weapon you can use for home protection. There are other useful protection methods you can use like an alarm system, security dog, good locks and much more. You are in charge of personal and home safety.

So it would help if you took it as a priority always. Always think about the safety measures you can implement in your house to keep it safe from intruders.

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