Knowing IC Markets One Of The Good Brokers: Is It A Scam?



Forex trading is now getting more and more attention from the public. It’s just that the risk is high and the number of brokers popping up makes the public doubt it. One of the providers of forex trading services is IC Markets, which provides a fairly good selection of trading options. Many have questioned whether IC Markets is a scam? And how is the reputation of IC Markets? Let’s see the review.

To find out if IC Markets is fraudulent or not, we have to consider it from various angles. Therefore, you will get the answer if you read this article to the end. You will find out what IC Markets is, whether IC Markets is fraudulent or not, how it is regulated, and how successful its users are.

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What are IC Markets?

IC Markets is an online-based CFD forex trading platform. IC Markets allows people from all over the world to trade quickly and conveniently. IC Markets covers CFD, forex, and stock trading in Europe, North America, and Asia. IC Markets was first founded in 2007 by expert financial services providers in Australia.

IC Markets provides state-of-the-art technology for trading, low latency connectivity, and the best liquidity for all its users. IC Markets provides competitive spreads, trade execution, and services with state-of-the-art technology. IC Markets conducts external audits to ensure systems are running safely.

Is IC Market a Scam?

IC Markets does not fall into the category of fraudsters. This is based on IC Markets’ compliance with the rules and regulations set by the competent financial and trading regulatory bodies. IC Markets is also highly acclaimed and has a commendable level of user success. Read On to find out the full reason IC Markets is not a scammer!


IC Markets has an international license, which is recorded as having an Australian financial services license (AFSL) with No. 335692. In addition, IC Markets holds Securities Dealer License No. SD018 and is authorized to conduct financial services business. Not only that, IC Market EU is registered in Cyprus with registration number 356877. Then it is legalized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with License No. 362/18.

IC Markets Awards

IC Markets’ main target is not to pursue awards, but to provide services for traders to make comfortable transactions. One form of achievement from IC Markets is the record daily trading volume of USD 19.4 billion with a total transaction of USD 447 in one month in May 2018.

This achievement has made IC Markets one of the international brokers that can achieve a monthly trading volume of over USD 400 billion.

User Success

One of the successes of IC Markets users is to become one of the largest Forex CFD providers in the world by volume (data from Finance Magnates Q4 2020 Intelligence Report). IC Markets also received a good rating, this is a reflection of the success it has achieved.

IC Markets’ active clients spread all over the world are more than 180,000 and continue to increase from time to time. At IC Markets, Traders can access 480 products they trade. IC Market’s coverage area is also a form of user success, which is spread across Europe, North America, and Asia.

Support IC Markets

IC Markets has support services such as a Customer Help Center which can be accessed 24 hours and 7 days a week. Traders who experience problems can contact via live chat, email, and call back.

For callback service, you must leave your details, and the telephone number contacted by IC Markets. IC Markets also has educational support for novice traders and a center for information and news about the world of traders through the official IC Markets blog.

Wrapping Up

IC Markets is a pretty good trading platform this is proven by having a very high average daily trading volume record and not a scam. IC Markets also has support for easy deposits and withdrawals. The forms of cooperation offered by IC Markets also vary.

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