Mark Strome – Discover the Value of Giving and How Can You Find the Right Cause for Charity

Mark Strome – Discover the Value of Giving and How Can You Find the Right Cause for Charity


It never costs you anything to be kind to the unfortunate few in society. There are several community and social causes to choose from when you wish to donate to charity. Sometimes it is hard for you to choose the cause that resonates with you because there are so many around.  It is crucial to find a charitable cause that aligns with your values and belief systems. There is a common misconception that charities need donations to survive; this is wrong. Several charitable causes are looking for volunteers. These causes only look for your time. When it comes to charity, you do not have to spend lots of money. Having a kind heart and the urge to serve is all that is required. However, if you are fortunate enough to have funds, it does pay to give some of your earnings to charity to help and support the needy!

Mark Strome – Random acts of deep kindness add value to life

Mark Strome is an esteemed entrepreneur and philanthropist in the USA. He is the Chairman of Strome Investment Management and known for his deep compassion when it comes to serving the community and supporting many causes. He says if you are new to the world of charity and wish to start, find a cause that is close to your heart. For instance, if you wish to help an orphanage, you need to have a deep love for children. The same holds true for underprivileged members of society like the homeless, elderly senior citizens, etc.

Do your research well before you join a cause

If you wish to join a genuine cause, you must conduct your research and ensure that your team is engaged in it completely, especially if you are a corporate entity. Several businesses go charity, and if you are an entrepreneur, you must ensure that you choose a good cause only after you have conducted extensive research on it.

Engage in local charities to save time and energy

There is something called compassion fatigue, and this often takes place when you wish to be a part of a charitable cause that is located in another region. If you need to travel and devote a lot of time to such a charitable cause, you will suffer from exhaustion. It is prudent to always choose a cause in the local region so that you can effectively donate and devote your time without suffering from the “compassion fatigue” syndrome.

Mark Strome says that when it comes to charity, you should identify a personal mission goal that resonates with you. The trick here is to find your passion and stick to it. When you are choosing any NGO or charitable organization, it should be a lifelong goal for you. In this way, you can contribute to social and community causes that are close to your heart. You can balance work and charity when the cause is in the local area. He says that the values and the history of the cause should sync with your desire to help them. In this way, you can serve the community and become a valuable member of the society as well!

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