Men’s Guide To Wearing Gold Chain

Men’s Guide To Wearing Gold Chain


Just try and say the words mens gold chains, and you may spark a debate on whether or not men should wear a gold chain. We have limited the idea of men wearing gold chains to only rappers and punky fellows, but when it comes to men, in general, wearing gold chains, the idea sounds a bit strange.

Well, the idea doesn’t have to be that strange as there are gold chains available in many styles and designs, with something for every man.

Because the idea of men wearing gold chains is very normal, let’s discuss details about the same.

Types of Men’s Gold Chain

When it is about designs and types of men’s gold chains, there is a large variety to choose from. Most of these chains are suited according to their width range and length.

Here is a list of the three most common designs of men’s gold chains;

Cable Chains

These are the most common designs of gold chains that vary significantly in length and width and can be worn in different styles with much ease. The most common variation of cable chains is the Miami Cuban, which comes in oval and round links and has them twisted for the extra oomph effect.

The thinner cable chains look great with pendants while the thicker ones are enough alone.

Rope Chains

Rope chains are another variety of common gold chains that can be styled in different ways. These look like two rope strands are twisted and attached. Men who like to throw off a robust and versatile appeal can wear these chains, and if the string of the chain is thinner, adding a pendant will give a cooler look.

Herringbone Chains

Herringbone chains come with a unique liquid kind of effects to the V-shaped links. These chains are so complete in themselves that one doesn’t need to wear pendants along, irrespective of their size and width.

What Chain Length to Wear?

Men’s chain length can vary from 14 inches to a whole 30 inches and even more. The different chain lengths are categorized as follows:

  • A chain of 14 to 18 inches is usually considered to be a choker. It might often fit around the neck and hang a little. Visible above the clothes, a choker may be used to express different styles based on its design.
  • A chain of 20 to 24 inches of length is the most common among men’s chains and falls up to the second button of the shirt. It can be worn both inside and outside the shirt and can also be worn along with a pendant, or even without one.
  • Men’s chain above 24 inches of length usually falls in the ’bling’ category, and these are meant to attract the eye and throw off a strong fashion statement.

Tips to Take Care of a Gold Chain

To make a gold chain last longer, one needs to take care by frequently cleaning the chain. Here is a list of steps that you can follow to clean your gold chain:

  • First things first, check the chain for any possible damage before cleaning it.
  • Consider the gemstones and other materials on the chain because the solution that may seem right for cleaning gold might not be suitable for other materials.
  • Use lukewarm water with a mild soap or go for a professional gold cleaning solution. Before using the solution on the entire chain, test the same on a small area of the gold chain.
  • Soak the chain in the solution for about a maximum of 15 minutes and use a soft brush to gently stroke the chain. Now, place the chain in the strainer and rinse it properly. Always remember to dry the chain with a delicate piece of cloth.

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