What is it Like Working with the Best SEO Companies in Minneapolis?

What is it Like Working with the Best SEO Companies in Minneapolis?


The rise of tech and digital marketing in Minneapolis has exploded. Agencies are growing at substantial rates, and startups are establishing their place on the tech map making the city an ideal place for seeking business growth. One of the most popular service offerings is SEO. If performed correctly, it can easily be the primary channel for generating a company’s revenue. After all, the ability to rank content that has a high conversion rate can continue to sit on page one of Google for months and even years if the content and other steps were performed at an expert level.

This article is intended to help business leaders understand what it is like to work with SEO companies in Minneapolis while shedding light on why such a partnership has more value than hiring an internal marketing team.

Polished Communication

The best SEO companies in Minneapolis pride themselves on a level of communication that’s “white glove” through every step of the process. From onboarding a new client to monthly reports, and from quarterly reviews, to routine updates, one should expect exceptional communication. Depending on how the SEO agency is structured internally, you may talk to a single point of contact, or to a few individuals. The point of contact should be able to communicate performance and answer your questions in a way you can understand. They should also have a firm understanding of your goals, and demonstrate a strategy designed to achieve those goals while giving you regular updates on the progress. This can involve looking at Google Analytics to see user behavior and conversions, as well as lead generation from any CTAs you may have attached to content that’s designed to rank for specific search terms

Multi-Purpose Content that Goes Beyond Rankings

Most low-end SEO offerings focus on rankings, and they tell their clients to be patient with the process. While SEO is indeed a process with no “magic switch” or “special sauce” to add to give immediate rankings, ranking alone isn’t going to move the needle. This is why the best SEO companies in Minneapolis focus on every step of the buyer’s journey when engineering the strategy, and all ranking strategies must generate conversions in order to be fully successful. After all, you are not in business to rank to the moon, but instead to increase your earnings and close more sales.

Savvy SEO agencies are using a strategy that calls for pillar pages and blog clusters. A pillar page is usually a primary service or product page on a website, designed to rank, and that contains lots of informative and educational content. They should have a CTA to generate leads or convert direct sales. Then a series of blogs are created that all focus on that main topic with the following considerations:

  • A unique title featuring the main keyword
  • An original topic
  • Speaks to a specific buyer persona
  • Is written to educate a reader at a precise stage in the buyer’s journey
  • Uses a unique anchor text featuring the main keyword
  • Each blog links to the pillar page
  • Each pillar page links to the home page

When SEO agencies use this strategy, businesses can anticipate that their website’s domain authority to go up, they will see an increase in users, rankings will go up, and conversions will increase, as the content will rank intimate information speaking directly to a consumer’s needs and pain points while educating them into making their purchasing decision. If a strategy like this isn’t used, then content will blindly rank to an unidentified group of searchers.

SEO Agencies in Minneapolis Offer Businesses Tons of Value

Considering the facts that the best SEO companies in Minneapolis already have the expensive tech tools and CRMs that would otherwise cost businesses thousands of dollars every year, and they already have the best roster of SEO strategists thus eliminating a company from having to recruit new hires and cover those salaries, partnering with an SEO agency gives brands a better quality of service while saving them thousands of dollars. In fact, many companies even report that their relationships with SEO agencies have led to their own team having an improved work performance. Considering that there is someone in charge of managing the relationship with the agency (and if the SEO team is exceptional) they will educate that person and help them improve everything from shortening their sales cycle to promotion ideas–growth marketing strategies inspired from collected organic data.

Call a shortlist of local SEO agencies today, and learn what it will take to get your business converting sales from organic traffic at a whole new level. 


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