PGs Offering Better Options & Space than Hostels

PGs Offering Better Options & Space than Hostels


College life is the time when students move from their homes and go to different cities for higher education and jobs. And then, it becomes difficult for them to search for a proper place to stay. Students mostly choose a hostel because they feel that they have to pay less. But they forget that they don’t get the comfort and facilities that they deserve. The best place for the students to stay is PG. It is because you get all the facilities and also freedom and needed space that you will not get in any hostel. So, it is recommended that if you are moving to another city like Delhi or Hyderabad then choose a good PG for your residence.

Disciplined Life

PG in Navalur offers many kinds of advantages to the students. The localities in Hyderabad are many disciplined people. So, one of the benefits that you get in staying in a PG is that you get to switch to a disciplined life. There will be certain rules, based on which they will rent you a PG like no late-night partying, no male friends, and as the case may be. Also, there may be some specific rules in the rent agreement which you will have to follow. Also, you will have the liability to keep the home and property safe. Another benefit that you will have is that the localities are very loving, respecting, and caring for the outsiders, so you can expect a homily type of PG.

Safe PGs in Delhi

Many of you know that Delhi is not a safe place for girls. But when it comes to PG, let me tell you one thing that it is safe for both boys and girls, as they have high-end security facilities like CCTV cameras, security guards, safety alarms, constant checking, and alertness. Plus, in some of the PG in Noidathe landlord also takes care of the medical emergencies. The owner will be liable for the well-being of every student and extends a supporting hand for medical emergencies like a sickness. And in many PGs visitors like relatives (family) are also allowed to stay with their child.

Limited Usage & No Weapon

The only thing that you have to take care of while living in a PG is the usage of electric bills and water. Most of the PGs are spacious. If you are moving to the south then there are different rules for living in a PG and also leaving a PG like before vacating the house you will have to restore it to the new state by cleaning and painting the rooms. Most of the time PGs are affordable but seldom do the landlords take a bit high fee due to the extra facilities like food, Wi-Fi, TV, etc. And also you are not allowed to carry any weapon or harmful items with you inside the PG, even if it’s for your safety.

No Pets Allowed

Plus, you may have to follow certain rules like maintaining peace and discipline, not listening to music at high volume, or dancing or disturbing other roommates. Also, you will not be allowed to keep any pets with you.

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