Therapy & acne treatment

Therapy & acne treatmentTherapy & acne treatment


Unfortunately, the basic rule is that acne cannot be cured overnight. The treatment is lengthy, and it can take weeks or months and requires consistency, discipline and above all, patience. If only a mild form of acne is present, home remedies can also be useful.

Girls after acne therapy

Acne treatment requires patience!

It would be best if you did not touch the blackheads yourself, and any manipulation only makes the situation worse. It is much better to use rub-off creams or have a beautician perform a deep cleansing, a so-called “acne toilet”. Many dermatologists and sometimes also paediatricians work together with good cosmeticians. If intense scars have formed, they can be removed surgically. Important: Severe acne can be very stressful, and psychological support is beneficial in these cases.

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The doctor prescribes external or internal preparations in case of severe inflammation or if the self-esteem is impaired. The respective preparations should be used carefully according to the doctor’s instructions. Caution is especially necessary for summer because some acne medications are not compatible with the sun. It usually takes several weeks before the first signs of relief are seen. The preparations must be used regularly. For the majority of those affected (over 90%), it then takes about half a year until the longed-for improvement occurs.

Anti-acne remedies

Vitamin A acid, for example, is applied externally as a cream, gel or tincture. It peels off the uppermost layer of skin and thus removes excessive hornification. Initially, the skin can redden and flake; it burns unpleasantly and becomes tight. Later, it will subside again. Vitamin A acid can also be taken internally: It’s highly effective, but not entirely without side effects. Women who take these preparations must not become pregnant until at least one month after the last intake; otherwise, the embryo may be damaged!

A relative of vitamin A acid is isotretinoin. This medicine must be taken. It is beneficial and is, therefore only used in severe cases and under medical supervision. Since it is harmful to the fruit, pregnancy must be safely ruled out before using this medicine, and if pregnancy is planned, the medication must be discontinued at least one month before.

Some antibiotics are effective against the bacteria causing the inflammation. They are usually prescribed for external use, but in more severe cases or at the beginning of therapy to provide rapid relief, they are also prescribed for internal use.

Choose the right care.

Choosing your care cream should be particularly moisturizing on the one hand, but should have the lightest possible texture on the other side. So your skin gets enough moisture and is still not stressed.

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Unsuitable cosmetics can favour blemished skin if it clogs the sebaceous glands – especially products with too high a percentage of fat or oil tend to do so. So when buying, make sure that the products are not comedogenic.You can buy now Tazorac tazarotene generic cream/gel suitable for wrinkle and acne.

The different preparations can be used individually or in combination with each other. The doctor will decide which method is most suitable in each case. The skin must be washed with mild syndets or cleansing gels before applying the creams or ointments, i.e. twice a day. Aggressive cleansing lotions irritate the skin and should, therefore, be avoided.

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