Tips and tricks to make plus size women stylish


Clothing is a very personal thing. What may prove to be remarkable for one person may not be preferable by another. No matter you are a size 0 or a size 16, you dress up to look your best. Often voluminous women are left with minimal options to style and look good. Well, keeping that in mind, here are some of the best tips and tricks to nail plus size styling.

For bustier women, balance is the key!

Fuller plus size body shapes differ, but overall celebrating your body type is important. If you have big-bust then you should go for empire waists as they nibble you in below the bustline. Or you can go for fit top and team it with high-low skirt. It will give you a fitted base with an external layer to balance, and you don’t have to sacrifice your shape.

Smaller frame          

Sizing plays vital role even in plus size clothing. You can look for exclusive range of best plus size wholesale clothing to find out clothes as per your measurements and body types. You can go for all attires recommended for voluminous women. Look for clothes which look like higher empire style waists as they will look great on you.

And same applies on the shoes

Platform sandals are highly recommended for plus size women. Apart from that women sneakers are a must have for them. If you are a heel lover, then wedge heels are a suitable match for you.  If you are plump and short, then you need a more proportionate fit. Make sure the boots you buy should be below you knee.

Use layers to fake a good fit

If some part of your body is too big, then use layers to strategically cover them. You can fake fit here to look slim and great.

Cuff long shirts at elbow

If you have flowy long sleeves, then you can cuff the sleeves or go for a quick tuck. It will break things up and enhance your shape.

In case of maxi, pay more attention to silhouette

When you are wearing maxi, make sure it has roomy cuts with lots of material. With a voluminous bottom, you can balance things by wearing a fit top.

The same thing applies for crop tops and high-waist bottoms

Pair your athletic crop tops with high-waisted jeans, shorts and skirts. It will balance both halves without making you look fat.

Wear shoes and bottoms of same color

If you are wearing black heels and black tights, it will elongate your legs and give an impression of a sleek and slender body. It makes an illusion of a longer line. Go for shoes in tan or brown shade. You can also try metallic tones.

Wear bodysuits to cut down an inch or two

Cheap bodysuits helps in cutting down an inch or two from your body size instantly.  It gives your body the perfect figure it needs, without any struggle. By wearing a bodysuit below, you can easily dress up in anything.

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