Best Outdoor Adventures in Dubai

Best Outdoor Adventures in Dubai


Dubai is the best destination from the tourism perspective; here, you can find all the incredible and fanciful things for your tour. Thinking about Dubai, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful golden dunes and the skyscrapers.

But Dubai offers much more to its tourists. If you are an adventurer seeker, it is a perfect place to visit. You can enjoy luxury with the adventure together. So if Dubai, the best holiday destination in the world, is on your mind for your next travel plan. Then, this article will describe a list of activities you can pick to take your visit experience to another level.

You can find all kinds of outdoor activities like Skydiving, underwater zoo, desert safari, and much more. It is advised to travel to Dubai in the month between October and April. Why? Because the weather in Dubai is cool in these months and you can enjoy all the activities.


Jumping off the plane sounds interesting, frightful, fanciful, and adventurous at the same time. If you want to experience all of the feelings at once, book skydiving over the Palm Islands. It will give you the experience you will cherish for life.

The view from the top of the man made island is enthralling and captivating. What you will experience is difficult to describe in words. So on your visit to Dubai, do book a dive over Palm Island.


Are you a mountaineer looking for much more fun while climbing up? Well, Dubai offers the best place for hiking. Trek the mountains in Dubai, and then you can go to the desert overnight. In the outskirts, you will be hiking the inimitable rocky terrain, which also gives you a completely different view.

You can join multiple groups of trekkers. Where can you find these climbing groups? Ask the staff of adventure sports shops for leads on the groups that conduct regular hiking activities.

The places for hiking are Jebel Hafeet, Masafi, Showka Dam, the stairway to heaven at Ras Al Khaimah.

Dune Bashing:

If you went to Dubai and did not go for a dune bashing experience on golden sand, you really missed out on an important thing. Dubai is not only known for its skyscrapers but also for its vast desert landscape. A desert safari adventure is always a part of every vacationer’s list.

During this trip, mostly tour operators add the sand Dune bashing experience while going to the campsite in the desert. During sand, bashing makes sure you hold on tight and fasten your seatbelt because the 4×4 will take you to multiple areas having varying slopes.

Visit with your loved ones for an exciting sand bashing experience in the Desert. It will make your heart race faster as your daredevil driver starts the ride.

Sea Diving:

Although the Emirati land is composed of sandy deserts, the sea has always been an integral part of the lives of the people who live there. Actually, in the old times, the settlers in Dubai and other cities of UAE thrived on diving for pearls and fishing. Naturally, as time passed, plenty has changed. Today, you can enjoy quite a lot of sea-based adventures in Dubai. One of them is sea diving.

There are multiple places for it; they are

  • Al Boom Diving: It has been working since 1995. The diving here is world-class, and you’ll see plenty of sea life.
  • Dibba Rock: This is home to turtles and swaying corals. It is best enjoyed on a night dive. Snorkelling is also famous here, but you need to watch out for those nose-nudging Nemos.
  • Inchcape 1: Here, you can find eels and barracuda and snappers are battling for supremacy
  • Sharm Rock: It is locally called the 3-Sisters. This site is calm as you and is flooded with sea life, including lionfish, reef or whale sharks, etc.
  • Sheikh Mohammed’s Barge: When the Ruler of Dubai has his name associated with a dive site, know that it will be rich with sea life. This royal-stamped reef will never disappoint you.
  • Zainab Wreck: This place is for the advanced divers to take. If you can go for it, plumb the depths and get surrounded by yellowtail barracuda to create the best memory.

Zany Zipline:

Ras-Al-Khaimah is one of the best places to get an adrenaline rush. To enjoy the view of this topography, try getting here via seaplane. You will be able to see the beholding beauty of the UAE. One of the best outdoor activities that you can enjoy is Jebel Jais Zany Zipline. It is the world’s longest zip line of about 2.83km.

If you plan to come here via seaplane, ask your tour service provider whether the zipline adventure is included or not. Mostly it is included, you just have to book your tour, and you are good to go.

Sand Boarding:

Snowboarding is overrated. Dubai presents you with sandboarding. If you have a taste of thrill and love for a life full of excitement, then sandboarding is your thing. It is an extreme sport just like snowboarding, but here you will ride on the high sparkling gold-like sand dunes.

If you are an enthusiast of boarding, you can always show off your skills to share on social media but make sure that you do not go too far and hurt yourself.


Take a break from metropolitan life and enjoy some peaceful nights in deserts under the stars. If you want to spend time in isolation near a natural habitat. Camping in the desert is a place to fulfil your desire. The tranquillity and stillness of the desert will leave you mesmerized.

The best places for camping in Dubai are Al Qudra lakes, Ajman Desert, Al Dafrah Beach, Hajar mountains foothills, Fossil Rock, Ras Al Khaimah desert, Umm Al Quwain Coast, and the empty quarter.

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